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Tiffany Hartley: "The Devil is in the Details!"

On the Afternoon of September 30, 2010, the national media covered the story of David Hartley on Falcon Lake while he and his wife Tiffany were jet skiing, it was reported David was shot and killed.

A time line before and after a crime is important for any investigation.  In the tragedy of David Hartley there is not much of a time line from when the couple was pulled over for expired registration on their jets skis to the time when Tiffany appears on land to place a call for help in Texas to 911.  Starting with Tiffany Hartley's Facebook page  as it shows activites prior to the 911 call. 
Time Line According to Tiffany's facebook page

Tiffany Young-Hartley Entry June 20, 2010 at 10:36 PM-- Had a busy weekend, were moving out of Mexico and heading across the border to McAllen, TX. Not completely moved but were a lot closer. Got to enjoy the Jet Skies this morning then Davids skie broke, so our trip was cut short:( came home to move more stuff. Sure will be nice when were done moving and hopefully it will be for more than 7 months. June 20 at 10:36pm ·

(We know that on or about June 20th the couple moved across the border to Texas.)

Entry on June 28, 2010 at 10:31 pm Getting ready for Hurrican Alex!! This is a little weird, praying that we won't lose power and that we don't get water in the house, expecially since we just bought new furniture.

Entry on June 29, 2010 at 2:31 pm Why is it when you have service companies like AT&T coming to the house to hook up internet and phone, they tell you that they will be there sometime between 8 and 5. What... can't they give you a more specific time. Do they think I have all day to wait for them!

Entry on August 22, 2010 at 2:18 PM Who says church is boring, What a great message, our pastor had us all laughing most of the service. Praise God for pastors who aren't afraid of speaking it as it is and who doesn't mind putting his pride aside to make people laugh even if it's about himself.

Entry on September 11, 2010 at 6:07 PM Thank you to all of you who have and are serving this great nation of ours. Today is a day of remembering and not forgetting. I love this country and am proud to be an AMERICAN. So lets all go back to 9 years ago today and remember where we were and how we felt. Lets all come together once again and be united the w...ay we were 9 years ago on 9/11. God Bless the USA.

Last Entry 4 days before David Hartley goes missing- Entry September 26, 2010 at 6:49 PM --Had a great vacation in Key West, FL. Thanks to my husband who works so hard so we can get away from life for awhile. Great pick Babe!!!! Saw a couple sharks while diving, got to pet a Manatee by the Harbor walk. Just a few of the highlights of our trip. (she includes pictures)

September 26th was a Sunday.  As we see by the final entry she is thanking her husband, publicily and, in my opinion, it seems rather out of place given there are no other such entries to be found, and because it is so close to his missing, she goes an extra mile to let us know how hard her husband works. 

I am listing the details of her Facebook page to also show a "pattern of conduct" prior to calling 911.

September 30th at approximately 11:30 am The Texas Department of Public Safety released video footage of David and Tiffany Hartley. It was taken just hours before the murder on Falcon Lake. It shows DPS troopers pulling over the Hartley’s at 11:30 a.m. in Rio Grande City. That’s about three hours before Tiffany claims Mexican pirates killed her husband on Falcon Lake. Troopers pulled them over for an expired registration sticker on their trailer, but after 10 minutes ket the couple go. And DPS troopers actually pulled over David and Tiffany Hartley on their way to Falcon Lake.

The two jet skis in the police video can be seen on a trailer.  From the dashcam both jet skis are visable. The missing jet ski that Tiffany claims was the one David was riding because she said it was faster, registration number is  TX3671AX ( but that is the one she has now in her posession and that is not possible if David was riding it at the time he was shot), jet ski purchased, on June 1 of 2009 .. Her jet ski is the one that is missing.  Missing ski, registration number is TX8430KA. It was purchased on June 10, 2008 .  

In a photo, after Tiffany returns without David, the jet ski on the drivers side that was hers is missing and the one David was on is in the photo in a newsclip on the passengers side and that was his jet ski.

How is it possible that Tiffany Hartley has a jet ski she claims is missing and also belonged to David?  She now has the more powerful and faster jet ski.  Tiffany returns without David and the media and the Sheriff continue to give, in my opinion, this woman a pass. 

The devil, as they say, is in the details of this case. In my opinion, Tiffany Hartley played a role overtly or otherwise in the disappearnce of David Hartley.  She is not legally a widow.  She is no different than other cases of foul play where bodies suddenly vanish without explaination or killed,  women and men whose husbands or wives were the last persons to have seen them alive; Stacy Peterson, Lisa Stebic, Theresa Parker, Renee Pernice, Vensus Stewart, Lort Hacking, Laci Peterson, Christine Rudy, Cheryl Keeton, elissa Mendoza, Janet March, Michael Tapley, Matthew Houbrick, Charlie Bateson, James Nibble and Matthew Winkler, is a small sample of those who take till death do us part literally.

There is still no reward being offered for any information that leads to the recovey or arrest of those responsible for the disappearance of David Hartley.  On the site created by the not-a-legal-widow Tiffany, all you read is ranting about border patrol, drug cartel and issues that do not pertain to justice for David Hartley.  When I see this garbage posted on a website created for a missing person, personally, it is a slap in the face for all of victims of crime.  There is not even a tag word on the side in yellow font listing David Hartley's name. And the site is asking for donations, minus a reward for David Hartley

A Facebook page has been created by those wanting justice for a man who has been silenced - in memory of David Hartley - please join the page and consider asking others to join.!/pages/Bring-David-Hartley-Justice/114682475266018

Peter Hyatt, myself, and others will continue investigating, reviewing statements to uncover the truth about what did not happen per the so called account of one Tiffany Hartley in Falcon Lake on September 30, 2010. 

For more on the case follow the links below:

[Susan Murphy Milano is with the Institute for Relational Harm Reduction and Public Pathology Education. She is an expert on intimate partner violence and homicide crimes. For more information visit  She is the author of "Time's Up A Guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships," available for purchase at the Institute, and wherever books are sold.  Susan is the host of The Susan Murphy Milano Show, "Time's Up!" on Here Women Talk and is a regular contributor to the nationally syndicated The Roth Show with Dr. Laurie Roth ]


Anonymous said...

Susan, you wrote

"site created by the not-a-legal-widow Tiffany all you read is ranting about border patrol, drug cartel and issues that do pertain to justice for David Hartley."

I think you meant to say "issues that do not pertain to justice for David Hartley"?

Great find on the jet ski belonging to David. Now we know that Tiffany not only had David's (wedding) ring and the car key even though he was supposedly driving, but she also has his jet ski.

Anonymous said...

Susan, you wrote:
The missing jet ski that Tiffany claims was the one David was riding because she said it was faster, registration number is TX3671AX ( but that is the one she has now in her posession and that is not possible if David was riding it at the time he was shot), jet ski purchased, on June 1 of 2009 for $3,000. Her jet ski is the one that is missing. Missing ski, registration number is TX8430KA. It was purchased on June 10, 2008 for $2,000.
How is it known which jetski is the faster of the two? By model type? Just wondering.

Thanks...great article.

iva said...

Hi All!
Please join the Bring David Hartley Justice Page on facebook!

thanks Susan!!

iva said...

Susan, the pictures from the trip to Key West FL were actually uploaded on September 29th, the very night before he went missing. I also thought it was weird that she thanked her husband for the pick, she hardly references him on her facebook and her facebook activity definitely increased just prior to and after his disappearance. (Making sure everyone knew they were a happy little couple)

If you go back further to April (her birthday) you can see another reference to David. It sounds as if he arranged for her sister Tia to surprise her at the airport in his stead. She expressed her delight that she has such a wonderful husband but reading between the lines I feel she was disappointed that he wasn't there for her birthday. It sounds as if he traveled a lot and worked on location, maybe she wasn't getting all the attention she thinks she deserves

Anonymous said...

I just had a question about the cost of the jet skis. How do you glean that information? Blink from blinkoncrime told everyone that they cost in the ball park of $13,000 each -a big difference from what you state.
Thank you. Good article.

Anonymous said...

I am not doubting that Tiffany actually has the faster jetski now, but do wonder how we know this as fact?? Anyone??

Anonymous said...

This Youtube video clearly shows she has the jetski with the Tinkerbell on it. From what I have read, that has always been her jetski and that's the one the news was shown.

django said...

The video shows her vest, which I have never seen. Interesting to finally see that it has no visible blood, instead of hearing about it.

Surprising, too, Sigi gave it back so fast. Don't the cops usually keep evidence?!! Hmmm.

How do we know that the "Tinkerbell" ski was hers?

Didn't she "say" David called her "Tinkerbell," in that CNN fluff piece, when she was interviewed, by cell phone, on her way back to Colorado?

That was the first time I heard her speak of "Tinkerbell" in any context.

When did she first say to anyone that she had "Tinkerbell" on her jet ski?

When was the decal, or whatever it is, put on that ski?

Do you know if the missing ski was ever reported missing?

Why wasn't that registration number ever published before?

ABC said...

I have seen the jetski registration "viewable" on several videos. Here's one (10/04/10) that I have saved. Also, you can hear the 911 GS's real voice in this footage.

911 Call Details Shooting On Falcon Lake

Oct 04, 2010
911 Call Details Shooting On Falcon Lake. The frantic 911 call a wife made after her husband was shot by Mexican pirates has been released. It's a firsthand account of those terrifying moments on Falcon

Anonymous said...

Glad to see someone else following this story.

I am a tad bit confused as to why you think she has DH's ski. You mention the placement on the trailer, but I don't think that really proves anything, although I may be missing your point.

Also, since these are used jet skis and not factory originals, perhaps David's ski was upgraded (better motor, etc) to give it performance enhancements. If that's the case his ski would be faster than whatever stats are published by the manufacturer for his ski model. We know he recently had work done on it after it broke down that summer...wouldn't surprise me if he upgraded some parts to make it faster.

My humble opinion only.

seeker said...

Susan, thank you for linking to the "Bring David Hartley Justice" Facebook page.

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