Thursday, October 30, 2008

No Justice as Victims Left to Die in Kankakee, Illinois?

After 4 years, there is no justice for a 93-year old victim raped in a nursing facility by 22- year old certified nursing assistant, Jason Thomas Curl. , The attack occurred in 2005.

In 2005, a Kankakee Grand Jury handed down an indictment against Curl on 3 counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault- a Class X felony.

It is now 2008. And the elderly rape victim is now 97 years of age. The question of why this case has not gone to trial are a mystery, unless one knows the facts surrounding the relationship between Kankakee County State’s Attorney Jamie Boyd and the accused rapist’s defense attorney Jeff Tomczak.

A little interesting background on Tomczak, he was the former State's Attorney for Will County. The same place where Kathleen Savio's death was initially ruled a suicide. The same place where according to documents and letters sent to the Will County State's Attorney office at the time, under his care, was slammed in the face of a woman, married to a law enforcement officer, seeking assitance. Savio's plea's for help fell on deaf ears. Had the correspondence authored by Kathleen Savio and the filing for orders of protection along with photo's of the beatings she suffered at the hands of her abuser been admitted into court at the inquest, in my opinion, other lives might have been saved. First and foremost, Stacy Peterson.

The case is not scheduled until after the election on November 4. [Kankakee County Court Records, Case No. 05-CF-435]

In the meantime, a no, 26-year old Curl, accused sexual predator has been out of jail on bond, free and awaiting a trial that may never come. If Curl’s accuser dies prior to her being able to testify, or her lucidity is called into question again by the defense due to her age, it is likely that charges will dropped.A former prosecutorial and political powerhouse, Jeff Tomczak knows how to play ball. And so it seems does a man who holds an office that I consider, important. A State's Attorney is a gatekeeper. And when a gatekeeper allows a sexual predator to walk the streets, we are all in danger.

Lets call into State's Attorney Jamie Boyd's Office and ask: Why he is delaying a very important case? Afterall, playing golf with a close buddy, is one thing. Playing with the life of a helpless elderly rape victim is another matter!

Please send you emails and call in your outrage for this case to:
Kankakee State's Attorney Office: 815-937-2930
fax: 815-937-3932
Mr. Boyd's Email:

Timeline of Events

July 24, 2005- According to the Kankakee State’s Attorney’s Office, a 93-year-old, legally blind and handicapped woman is sexually assaulted at the River Valley Supportive Living Facility in Kankakee County. [Journal, July 31, 2005]
August 15, 2005- The Kankakee County State’s Attorney’s Office presents a Bill of Indictment handed down by the grand jury for three counts of sexual assault against Jason Thomas Curl (DOB 11/09/1982). [Kankakee County Court Records, Case No. 05-CF-435]
October 17, 2007- Jeff Tomczak is hired by defendant Jason Thomas Curl as his attorney, after his first attorney quit in order to go on a one-year sabbatical.
March 11, 2008- The People of the State of Illinois (Case 05-CF-435) is set for trial on August 18, 2008.

July 16, 2008- Jamie Boyd receives a contribution of $500 (the second largest contribution of the campaign for Kankakee County State’s Attorney) from the Law Office of Jeff Tomczak, P.C.
August 18, 2008- Defense attorney Jeff Tomczak asks for yet another delay for trial. Jamie Boyd and the State’s Attorney Office of Kankakee County do not object to the delay.


Praire Garden, IL said...

Shame on this politician who thinks more of poltical contributions instead of victims lives!

Bada Bing-444 N. fifth Ave, Kankakee said...

What about the nursing home? have charges been filed against them? Didn't they check this predators record? Seems their is some blame for not doing a background check.

As a side note: These men don't just hit golf balls.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the State's Attorney does not consider rape against an elderly woman a crime? 4 years and no trial? He outta be ashamed of himself for not doing his job.

(720 ILCS 5/) Criminal Code of 1961

Anonymous said...

He hasn't been all that bad in the office as far as politicians go and he is overwhelmed,but what politco isn't thse days. look at what they have to deal with everyday. I admit this is probably an overight in a very crowded system and one elderly or another does not equal an issue in my book.
I happen to like the man.

Anonymous said...

EEWWWW! Shame on you last anonymous! A human being is never an oversight! What if it was his mother? He would outraged! As I am!
Why isn't this in the mainstream media?
Once again thank you Susan for speaking up for the victim!
How can you like what this person has done or better what he hasn't done and that is to serve and protect and do no harm.
I'm so sick of Victory by Delay!

Anonymous said...

So I am bad because I happen to like the man? Are we not all entitled to our own opinion? She's an old lady who is wasting away waiting to die. Let go. Move on.

rockford said...

Rape, Sexual assault are crimes. Shame on Jamie Boyd!

Kay, Illinois said...

With a class x inditment does that mean he must register as a sex offender while out on bond or must he have a conviction? How does that work?

Maggie's Rose said...

Oh my sickness! It's difficult to have any faith in humanity after hearing news such as this...

Letters going out! Thanks so much for informing!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely unacceptable and something needs to be done about this. I'm totally discussed by this news.

and this comment here left from Anonymous...That should by tilted by No balls...why hide?

You said I quoit:

So I am bad because I happen to like the man? Are we not all entitled to our own opinion? She's an old lady who is wasting away waiting to die. Let go. Move on

FU u sorry SOB that lady has rights just like you do...what if it was your ass raped while you were in a retirement home, would you still feel that way, get lost!
People like you make me SICK! Posting bullshit like this just to insight people and I should of not took the bate, but you No Balls hit a nerve.

Delilah said...

Political and legal maneuvering will wait until this poor woman is dead and no justice will be served, that is what Jeff Tomczak and Jamie Boyd have in the "plan", it's plain to see.

Then there will be another sexual predator roaming the streets. I pray that it isn't one of your loved ones that he hits on next. And I promise you there will definitely be a next time.

Everyone who thinks that standing by and watching this travesty of justice is "ok" is just one step away from having one of your own loved ones become a victim. Then who will you put your trust in? Think about it!!

Anonymous said...

Check out the news story by The Daily Journal and the more than 50 comments!

Anonymous said...

Justice is blind.

The victim has now departed this world.

The perp was declaired innocent.

He'll be able to continue his chosen profession as a teacher.

Happy days soon said...

Just the few things I've heard theirs alot more rights violations. They tell people that a certain person in the community is a very bad and dangerous person Than go to say if you see them harass
them, follow them call the police and dont let them get away in fact intimate them.They are a group that are very sick. Just a month ago a Manteno p.o hit a 17 year old kid while handcuffed, as usual Forbes is on the side lines watching n Laughing. We the people need to rally together n get these crooks off the street cuz theirs alot out here. A few years back I heard a certain p.o was killed in a car crash at 24 and died. I'm not buying it.He probably didn't want to do all the illegal thing and ruin lives just cuz they don't like this person. So put them on a list n make flyers up and sending them to beware of these people they even Get some to join in. It's organized gangstalking. And they are doing things to us you would only believe if it were you.They have a page on fb a group called gone to young...That's creepy. You hear about crimes being committed n than the next day it never happened of the story changes. So if you hear stories or gossip that's all not is LIES to get you to stalk n harass as well n get them to leave. GOD judges not humans. Look it up its sickening n stealing kids for cash now is disturbing. We need to stick together or it will only get worse.

Anonymous said...

He is a Fat So Scumbag that does not carry out justice,His objective is to help cover up is friends crimes. For instance look a the you tube video were he interfers with a State police officer doing is job. Oh by the the way the Dui was bargained down to reckless driving for

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