Monday, March 23, 2009

Drew Peterson's Latest Addictions?

Besides being addicted to power, control abuse and murder? Drew Peterson’s latest appetite includes burgers, fries and greasy pre-packaged chicken wings washed down with several vodka gimlets.

Last week Peterson took his dolls and dishes elsewhere when WGN’s Randy Miller said no way to plugging the pre-packaged food on his show. As most abusers, when someone doesn’t do as they are told, you get punished. So Peterson attempted to punish Randy Miller and stiffed him the day of the interview.

Imagine how often Kathleen Savio was punished for not doing as she was ordered. Yes I said ordered. I can’t imagine the humiliation when Kathleen learned her husband was involved with an underage child. Here she is a devoted mother of two boys trying to provide a home and life for she and her children while Peterson prances about town with someone old enough to be his daughter. How about Peterson’s fellow co-workers? Did they think what he was doing was repulsive? Most of all Drew Peterson was violating the law himself with a minor. I think they have a name for it, oh yes, RAPE. With whom he paraded in bars and restaurants. And don’t think for a moment Peterson didn’t put that old tin badge to use when a cocktail waitress would approach the underage minor and the over the hill cop to take their drink order. “It’s okay as he reaches in his pocket” ordering drinks for the two of them.

And after Kathleen was found “drowned” in her own bathtub minus water and blood you would think cops on the Bolingbrook police department would speak up and investigate the case properly. Or maybe they were silenced with Peterson’s charming threats. You know he has friends in high places. Including the former States Attorney Tomczak with whom Peterson had a lot of personal history.

As Peterson continues to invade the airwaves, 18 months after his current wife vanishes [remember he is still married]we don’t hear the voice of a grieving or concerned husband. Instead, Peterson is a bloody pitchman for food and some bar downtown desperate for warm patrons. You know people who are still among the living able to go to their homes and be with their children and family.

Sadly, that’s not the case for Kathleen Savio or Stacy Peterson. Each woman and mother, silenced in the prime of their lives.


Fowler, IL said...

Great Double Entrade!!!

Debbie said...

Why is this man still walking free is what i think everyone is asking themselves. Good post.

nancy said...

Thank you Susan for all your insightful posts. Maybe it will open Glasgow's eyes and they will actually do something about a murderer who is free to do whatever he pleases, whenever he pleases. I wish Kathleen and Stacy were alive and free to do that. I think they would be enjoying their children. Kathleen might have loved to give her son Thomas driving lessons. Stacy would love to see Anthony out on his skate board. I saw them, but then again, I'm not their mother. When I do see them though, I think how happy their mothers would be to be able to watch them.

Anonymous said...

I have maintained the position that Drew has friends in high places who will see to it he never is charged with any crime associated with the erasing of 2 women he was married to and that includes fraud. His strategy is to use the legal system to tie things up in appeals so Kathleens family doesn't get access to the various legal papers forged by him and his accomplices, including other cops in Bolingbrook, which will detail his crimes and the best Glasgow can do ?.."..we expect resolution."..blah-blah when pigs fly and Drew knows it.
I think Fitzgerald needs to become involved in this, since there are civil rights violations and since they Will Co. states attorney cannot seem to get anything done.

Anonymous said...

His bad diet explains the dark circles and bloat. He is fugly, thats a given.
As to why the footdragging from the law?
Drew has the dirt on a lot of them and thats his insurance policy. The smugness radiating is proof positive. He has something on a lot of them, lots of secrets.

Bring in Pat Fitzgerald. As US Attorney, he can go after the whole bunch of them for violating Kathleens civil rights. We need to demand this before it becomes just a memory replaced by another horror du jour.

kathy said...

Glasgow's eyes are open unfortunately its' his own agenda. Why can't Lisa Madigan step in and put a special prosecutor on the case?

She is his boss. This case is too important. Mommy Killer needs to be behind bars where he should have been 18 months ago.

Anonymous said...

Do you wonder why this scum is still free ? I'll give you a hint.

It's the other scum that wear a badge or hide behind the law that are guilty of at least sloppy police and law enforcement work or at worst are party to the coverup.

How could Kathleen be murdered and he get away with it on his own ?
He's a dumb cop, who's slick and sly like a fox. He had help. Quoting from the the article in the Naperville Sun, tight knit little law enforcement community, Bolingbrook PD, ISP? DA, ect Are they that stupid or are they protecting their own ? Perhaps Mr. Peterson has some connections higher up ?

Why isn't the media stirring this up this angle, because it sure stink from where I'm at.

Also hit on by another anonymous post @ 8:37. So I am not the only one that smells a rat or two in this story. I wish the media would stop glorifying this scum and his accomplices.

Anonymous said...

The media is just after a story and any story will do. It's the states attorney who cannot seem to get it together and IMO it's because DP has dirt on them. WHo knows ? Maybe they've done a little "erasing" themselves.
One hand does wash the other, no ?
We need to demand justice and now.

Anonymous said...

Drew Peterson is part of the "Good Ole Boys Club", he's not only addicted to fast food but fast women (of all ages). He's a perfect example of a man who believes women really like to be tortured, treated like objects, dehumanized, humiliated and then disposed of.

In Will County, it means if men don't need it, women don't get it. Men don't need effective laws against rape, battering, or even murder, especially in Will County, IL under Glasgow's watch.

I have asked over and over again where are the men in this fight against domestic violence. They are not a part of the solution, they are the perpetrators and Drew Peterson is their posterboy.

The game that's played in the media is little more than cover up and confuse who is doing what to whom and thus condones domestic violence.

OP's aren't honest, they do little to nothing to protect nor is there much done to hold batters or even murderers accountable, especially in Will County, IL.

There women are blamed for getting themselves beat, raped and killed by men we know and then we're chastised for not liking them after wards.

It's time to ask the Will County justice system, what are you doing? In Will County one can not ignore it's ability to do nothing while looking like it is doing something.

Please don't let Glasgow become the next Atty General of Illinois or it really will be "Open Season on women in Will County."

Anonymous said...

It's not just Will County which seems to have an unequal protection but look at Austria and the monster Jozef Fritzl who was sentenced to life in a psych hospital. Poor Josef gets a computer and may have a pet to keep his sick ass company. His daughter is ruined mentally. I see the crime but not the punishment. We cannot do anything about Austria but we can do something about Will County and the lack of equal protection under the law for women.

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