Friday, August 20, 2010

Stacy Peterson "Bring Her Home"

Get out your vomit buckets! The story's headline on August 16th, from part 2 in the Chicago Sun-Times series in bold black ink reads " Drew Peterson-Not easy Being A National Pastime."
According to Wikidepia "a national sport or national pastime is a sport or game that is considered to be an intrinsic part of the culture of a nation. "

The killing of ones' own wife, girlfriend or significant other, also known as intimate partner homicide, has in fact become a carefully strategized "national game" among those who deliberately take their wives and girlfriends out of their lives. So, what Peterson is really saying, with a bull horn behind iron bars, in his carefully crafted blood soaked hand, "ladies and gentlemen, this is just a game." If we look at those who murder their intimate partners, each one of the offenders lost the game when charged and convicted of the crime. But, Peterson is betting otherwise, as evidence since day one going back to March 1, 2004, when Kathleen was murdered.

Even behind bars, with his game face on, Peterson is betting the prosecutors in Will County, Illinois, do not have enough for a conviction. Sadly, he just be might right.

The Chicago Sun-Times has provided a playing field, or a national stadium, for, in my expert opinion, a "skilled mommy murderer".

In a stadium all games begin with the crowd standing, singing the national Anthem. Peterson's song is, "I killed my third wife isn't that nice, watch as I get away with it twice." In Peterson's case no one heard anyone singing during the world series playoff's in 2004 because deals were made behind closed doors as to who would win the championship, when the then prosecutor, Tomczak, forfeited the game, ignoring facts and pleas's for assistance from Kathlen Savio by handing Peterson his victory with bases loaded. The final game victory pitch, a walk ending the national series, with a 1 to nothing score. Peterson 1 the state of Illinois 0.

In October of 2007, Peterson enters the stadium once again, "ha, he says, been there done this before, easy hit for another home run." With a frenzy, the national media camps outside the home of Stacy Peterson, reporting blow by blow game plays and appearances, including Peterson's own words, joking and laughing in classic killer, abuser style. Watching him often reminded me of my own father, who laughed almost idential in pitch and tone as Peterson, as they believed being in law enforcement meant you were smarter than everyone else.

I wonder how the Chicago Sun-Times and it's editors feel about being played? Because, in fact, they have been. They should now understand how easy it is for victims of violence to be under the spell of a manipulative abuser. This time the paper has gone too far, enabling Peterson to continue to present and defend himself while his victims,the mother(s) of his children, have been silenced. Never once have they done an in depth investigation and reported on the cases of Kathleen Savio or Stacy Peterson. It is a fact that none of us, with the expection of the surving family members, ever remember the names of any of the victims from high profile cases like Ted Bundy, Richard Speck, Christopher Vaughn or John Wayne Gacey.

There was a time when reporters looked and weighed all sides to a case before printing a story. I recall over the years being upset with the media when they would agree to print something about a victim of violence and then say something to me like, "we are also going to interview the abuser or the killer for the story." If they could not interview the abuser they would seek out a quote from a neighbor, friend or co-worker. It was always the same song, "he was such a good dad" or, "he was always the go to guy in the neighborhood" and I think to myself, after reading it, aren't they all? I guess the best example, from personal experience, is trying to enlist the assistance of others for help while my mother was still alive, she had no place to go. When I discovered her body, at her own crime scene, I was placed in a position, defending my mother to my father's fellow officer's when they said point blank, "She drove him to it." Those words would be the fuel that would ignite and flame a 20- plus year fire for intimate partner homicide.

The only front page story the Chicago Sun-Times and every other television and print media should be reporting and writing on is the unsolved murders of these two women. Give these cases as much ink as Peterson and just maybe, you say to their families and others of violent crimes, that intimate violence behind closed doors in the home is a serious criminal matter.

To the editors and reporters of the Chicago Sun-Times, you have your facts turned inside out like a stained pair of boxer shorts. Stacy Peterson did not simply vanish. She was removed from her home, in my opinion, taken out of the game called life. A common theme among criminal offenders. Stacy Peterson is missing and yet you print his words as though they are important, leaving others to believe that Stacy Peterson's life is similar to a foul ball in a game, it simply does not count. Two days in a row you have slapped justice in the face for these 2 women. The only headline you should write, going forward, is "BRING HER HOME." You still have an opportunity to investigate, even though you are in the 8th inning of this world series game, and properly report on Stacy Peterson until she is found and given a proper resting place by friends and family.

To keep up on the happenings in this case go to the and

"If you are outraged by the Chicago Sun Time and their disregard for the families of Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson by making headlines of Drew Peterson's jailhouse letters, do your part and let them know by calling, emailing or faxing. Nothing will change unless action is taken. The columnist, Micheal Sneed and her editor, should know that by making decisions based on headlines and readership instead of integrity and ethics is one of the reasons the public fuels people like Drew Peterson."

Fax number to the Chicago Sun Times is 312-321-3084

Michael Sneeds direct email address is :

Andrew Hermann, Managing Editor 312-321-3000

Zach Finken, News Editor 312-321-3000

Part 5 : The Series Continue's on the Times Up Blog, Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Anonymous said...

Stacy deed your life matters! I pray that Justice will be knocking at your Front door real soon! Susan Bowerman/sister of Bernadette Stevenson Caruso missingfrom Md 1986.

Anonymous said...

Oh my YES! Stacy Peterson your life certanly does matter, to more people than you could ever imagine. Please please please, BRING HER HOME!!! It's been much too long already.

Anonymous said...

Stacey - you are in our thoughts and prayers everyday. God knows and is Just. I'm praying they find you.
The court has to start caring more about the victim. Come on Will County - put this monster behind bars!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what justification Sneed and the Sun-Times used in order to print this nonsense? Instead of printing what people said about the fact they did it, where is their apology for exposing us to Drew's narcissistic rants? or the fact that all I thought was how idiotic of Drew to say how it tears him up about how he has to explain to his daughter about where he is and when he is coming home but no cognizance of her wondering the same thing about her mother. Unbelievable! It just goes to show what lows the media will go to just to sell papers and gives Drew validation of their sick interest in him.

Anonymous said...

You matter and I wish you would surface be found so justice can be served.

Anonymous said...

The only positive? It refreshes peoples memory about Stacy.
She s still out there somewhere.
I'm guessing the majority of people who read it have the same general opinion of Drew Peterson.

Here is a case archive album of Stacy's and Kathleen's case
(with sub-albums of the hearsay hearing and the trial)

AmandaReckonwith (sorry forgot my pw)

rescueapet said...

Yes, bring Stacy Peterson home and help to uncover why she was made to disappear and taken away from her children and family.

Remember, too, we should concentrate on the days leading up to Kathleen's death, and after, and what she endured, rather than what the miserable life of the currently charged defendant is like during his detention.

~Justice Cafe

Anonymous said...

Stacy Peterson without a doubt your life matters not just to those who know you but to more people than you would ever know. Please bring Stacy home it has been long over due.

Anonymous said...

Stacy will never be forgotten. She will be in our hearts, and on our minds till she is found, brought home, and given a proper burial to rest in peace. Stacy's life does matter!! Kathleen Savio's life matters!! Quit giving that two time murderer the right to talk his side, when he silenced these two women from defending theirs! Their lives are gone, because of this man! He is not a celebrity, he is a murderer!

Facsmiley said...

I'd like to see the Sun-Times run a few letters from family members of Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio about what it's like to lose a loved one at the hands of a murderer.

Equal time!

bucketoftea said...

Thank you for all you do, Susan. It's so appreciated.

Kitty and Stacy's lives *matter*.

What happened to them *mattered*.

Making sure the man who would orphan his own children twice but not before terrorising and degrading their mothers is punished *matters*.

That people are willing to help, that people are willing to tell the truth *matters*

The awareness about domestic abuse that has been raised and women who have sought help as a result of their cases *matters*.
I'd like to share something from a discussion on BBC radio. Some are suggesting that the "domestic" tag be dropped from domestic violence charges. Assault, grievous bodily harm, threatening behaviour charged as is. When police would be dispatched, it would not be labelled "a domestic disturbance"
anymore.They think it would help change attitudes.

I wonder what you think?


Susan Murphy Milano's Journal said...


Domestic Disturbance has the tone of a stray animal needing rescue. These are serious crimes with laws in place that need to be implemented. I woukd like the term changed all together maybe to "intimate partner violence." If we as a society dealt with driving under the influence as a serious crime applying it to the crime of vioelnce in the home it would be far more effective. But we do not.

TG said...

Susan thank you for bringing this to our attention. Drew Peterson's ego is never to be underestimated. It seems like the more he sits in prison the more wonderful he thinks he is. Sick, twisted, and evil. Stacey and Kathy will see justice. Peterson may be an egomaniac but he is not as smart as he thinks he is.

Nanna Frances said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nanna Frances said...

Drew Peterson deprived his children of their mothers. What a horrible thing to do! Message to Peterson:
Man up, Peterson! Confess! Bring Stacy home for her children and family!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this story. What you say is true, and I hope it reaches the Chicago Sun-Times. Bring Stacy home!

abbie said...

Whatever in the world attracts women to Drew is a mystery to me. Hes creepy and scary and I hope he eventually pays for the murder of Stacy as well as Kathleen. Hes the most dangerous predators of all, one with a badge and a gun and "buddies" to back him up. Absolutely horrifying! Abbie in Maryland

Anonymous said...

Drew Peterson is nothing but a wrinkled, pitiful old man who thinks he is about 25 and handsome. Get a clue Drew. You are right where you belong. You murdered these two women and I hope and pray that you are found guilty of both murders and left to rot in prison forever.

acandyrose said...

The Suntimes published Drew Peterson's "My Life in Jail" and now I think they need to publish Kathleen Savio's letters under the title, "My Life in the Grave!" or publish one from Stacy Peterson's sister titled, "My Life Without Stacy."

Drew Peterson will do anything to get his name in lights. He's a starflucker of the worse kind.

Ironic, Drew Peterson doesn't want his children to have bad memories of seeing him jail but he had no problem exposing his two adult sons to be witness as children when he was beating up the woman he's now charged in murdering.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Drew is showcased is because he is a MURDERER! He doesn't care what kind of press he gets, as long as he gets press! Seriously, he reminds me of Manson with the way he likes to parade around in the spotlight when the only thing he's ever done to deserve attention is MURDER two women who loved him and bore his children! GRRRRRRR!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great article. Thank you Susan. You are Drew Peterson's worst nightmare. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen and Stacy deserved so much more. Drew will reap his when convicted and he knows the last thing he will look at each night are those steal bars. He won't be so cocky in the GP.

Continued prayers Stacy is found.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for all you do.
Kathleen, Stacy were loved, they were good mothers, married to a serial killer.
Please find Stacy and others DP may of killed.
I pray for justice!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with acandyrose

Becky said...

Drew Peterson doesn't realize how LUCKY he was that not one, but two beautiful women gave him their hearts. Those of us who look at him now have to wonder what it was they could have seen in this slime bucket. How any credible news source would give him the time of day amazes me. Folks, do the right thing and boycott this and any paper that allows him to spew his garbage! Stacy and Kathleen: you will never be forgotten. We will not rest till Drew is sitting on Death Row where he belongs!

koldkase said...

Sadly, one thing killer cops know is how to get rid of a body. Like O.J. and his Dream Team, they know how to play the system, because they are the system.

It always burns my azz to hear about how we're "fighting for freedom" in other countries when I know how many women and children are not free, are abused and murdered daily, right here. If we can't protect our own most vulnerable citizens, we have no moral high ground.

As for this wife killing machine, he should never be given an audience outside a courtroom again. Any news org. that uses his murderous acts as a way to sell ads is as corrupt as he is.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. You honor your mother.

Anonymous said...

Good information. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Great writeup. Drew, you are a waste of oxygen.

Anonymous said...

When I was growing up, newspapers and policemen were charged with the welfare of the public. The police were responsible for the safety of the public, including their fact a charge of Spousal Abuse could get them fired. Newspapermen were charged with printing facts, but were not supposed to turn foul and evil people into heros.
Susan, I am so sorry that you were born to a man who abused his trust, and that no one would listen to you while you tried desparately to save your mother's life.
Thank you for demanding that Journalists start being more responsible in their reporting. Thank you for being willing to revisit your pain and anger to share with us.
Carole Arrington (sorry, forgot my password)

abbie said...

Yes, Drew, you are partially correct. But you are not a National Pastime, you are just Past Your Time. You are a pathetic, murdering dirty cop who will not get away with taking the lives of Kathleen and Stacy. Because their lives mattered, and yours does not. May you rot in jail till you are old and Satan finally makes his call for you. For you are certainly going to hell for what you have done.

Anonymous said...

Stacy and Kathleen's lives matter!!
I am hoping and praying for justice!!!

Dean said...

Drew Peterson is a creep. He is GETTING what he deserves - even if Stacy isn't found...God knows what he did with her and that is all that matters. I sure hope he's enjoying his jail cell!!
I surely am enjoying my FREEDOM b/c I am not a CREEP like him!!!!
I bet those meatloaf meals from the jailhouse kitchen are DELICIOUS!!!!! Hope BUBBA hasn't gotten to him yet :) and from what I heard...BUBBA's not too far from making Drew his "girlfriend".

Anonymous said...

I understand that Michael Sneed is there to write and fashion her/his/it's articles to make/generate money for the Sun publication, which in turn signs her/his/it paycheck. What a coup for Ms./Mr./It Sneed to get a hand written jailhouse letter from Mr. Drew himself! A veritable newsworthy silver platter handed right to her/him/it.

It's a given that sensationalism sells - it generates buzz - and viewer numbers and revenue - regardless of content. When you have a name that's been headlined for a time - it'a go.

And - none of his family has come forward, not now or in the past 24++ months, with any words or statements of support. Not his brother, sister or his Mother.

Anonymous said...

Facsmiley said...

I'd like to see the Sun-Times run a few letters from family members of Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio about what it's like to lose a loved one at the hands of a murderer.

Equal time!

August 20, 2010 3:45 PM

You have a website/blog solely dedicated to this case - have you invited any of them to post a letter?

Facsmiley said...

At Justice Cafe we have posted letters from Kathleen Savio as well as some addressed to her. We have also posted a lovely letter written by a friend of hers. (
If any of family members would like to have letters posted on the blog, they are very welcome to send them to us. We'd love to share them.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand this case. They have the beaten body of his third wife. Why cant they put him away for that murder? The case would be better if they had a body of the 4th wife, but they dont, so why not plow ahead with what they got?

Anonymous said...

I so want Drew to getwhat is coming to him! Kathleen and Stacy matter! I have followed since day one of Stacy, and will follow until Drew is found guilty! I want to see that smug grin wiped off of his face forever!

Anonymous said...


Only a narcisist like Drew Peterson would say something as self serving as THAT!


American said...

Drew Peterson credited a stint in rehab when he was young to never using drugs even when performing under cover narcotics duties for eight years - new book - "Analyzing Monsters - Family Cures". His wives were Military and Law Enforcement Families. There are perhaps millions of these families needing help and intervention now. How do we keep Peterson like issues from erupting throughout all these valued friends and family. How do we get our counties to intervene immediately when a letter like Kathleen's lands in their lap? Let's keep looking for Stacy and bashing Drew but let's help the millions of women in Kathleen and Stacy's situation.

Anonymous said...

Well done blog. I am truly disgusted how our media 'glorify' these men who abuse and kill women and children. The slaughter goes on throughout this planet. I am horrified that any mention of his name would get any ink. Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson lives were the ones that were snuffed out by this monster. Getting the facts and providing justice to these women and their families is paramount! FIND HER AND BRING HER HOME ! - EMF - Canada.

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