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Tiffany Hartley: Part 3 A Call To Action

by Susan Murphy Milano and Peter Hyatt

If you or I were asked to take a polygraph to clear any suspicion in an alleged murder of a child, husband or crime, without hesitation, we would jump at the opportunity to facilitate whatever means possible to remove all doubt as a possible person of interest or suspect and expedite the investigation. This has been the call of sense from Adam Walsh, Marc Klass, and others for years. It is something that can be done within an hour, and allows investigators to move on past innocent family members and further the investigation. Men like Walsh and Klass urge families to polygraph immediately, even pressing law enforcement to move as quickly as possible.

In an interview with Jane Valdez Mitchell- Tiffany Hartley says:
HARTLEY: I can`t even describe the pain and the fear that I had of when I turned him over. I didn`t know what to expect, you know. Of course I was hoping maybe a shoulder or something. But I didn`t know what to expect, and I was sure not expecting that he would be shot in the head.

Don't interpret Tiffany's words; just listen to her.

She is telling us that she will is unable to describe what happened in hopes that we will just take her word for it thus allowing her to move on and discuss the border issues, pirates and the Mexican cartel. Since then, she has added the issue of illegal aliens taking jobs away from Americans, a provocative and emotional issue.
She has draped her cause in religious language, eliciting sympathy from Christians.

Tiffany Hartley is unable to describe what happened because it may implicate her.

“I didn’t know what to expect, you know, of course I was hoping maybe a shoulder or something.” 

"you know" is a habit that enters language when someone is stalling for time to think.
"of course" is employed when a subject wants us to accept what is being said.

"I was hoping maybe a shoulder"


What does this mean?

Tiffany Hartley was hoping for a "shoulder" hit? Investigators should look at this unusual language to learn if Tiffany Hartley is experienced in handling weapons, and in particular, hunting. "a shoulder" sounds like hunting language, and when she added "of course" it sounds premeditated; she thought about where she would like him to be shot.

Note the inclusion of thoughts within the story. When thoughts and/or emotions are added to an account, in "the perfect place", it is a strong signal of deception. Why?

It takes a long time to process what happened during a tragedy. Law enforcement has learned through decades of research that only the guilty and deceptive will add thoughts and emotions into an account as an attempt to persuade rather than report. When someone goes through a tragedy, the hormonal rush means "fight" or "flight" and there is not an inclusion of thoughts and emotions as the subject is on raw survival. When thoughts and emotions are included, it may come after the "event" in an account, but when it is included in the "perfect place", i.e, during the event, we are staring at deception.

As the subject works on recall, the "thinking" process came afterwards, which is why a report has 3 basic sections:

1. Introduction
2. Event
3. Post Event

The breakdown will come naturally, as truthful accounts will have a short introduction (what happened leading up to the event) of about 25% of the account.

The event is the most important part of the report and takes up about 50% of the account. In a truthful report, this section is void of thoughts and emotions.

Post Event is what happened afterwards, including callng 911. At this part of the report, some will include thoughts or emotions, especially if safety is reached. This will only be about 25% of the account. Any major deviations from this breakdown indicate deception "on its form". But the inclusion of thoughts and emotions within the main event also show deception. This is where Tiffany said the "pirates" were close enough to hear them and that "they decided to leave" in some of her accounts. 

HARTLEY: It`s hard being judged and thought of that I might have done something to him, but I -- like I said, I know what I know. And as long as I, you know -- I know the truth, God knows the truth. And other than that, it almost doesn`t really matter it to me, because I know what happened that day. 

Note several things within this statement:

"like I said" is a self-reference
"I might have done something to him" is found within her statement
"it almost doesn't really matter" has two qualifiers, "almost" and "really", showing that it very much does matter.

So why not take a law enforcement administered polygraph? If it is hard to be judged, end it with a law enforcement administered polygraph. 

Drew Peterson, like a bad recording said “I know the truth” and I recall when Nancy Grace asked him during an interview she said then tell us the truth Sgt. Peterson and in pure Peterson style he ended the conversation before commercial with "God knows the truth". He claims Stacy Peterson ran off in a red bikini and $25,000 in cash. That is the story he has told from the day Stacy Peterson vanished on October 27, 2007. 

Nearly 3 years later, a petite woman tells the tale of how she was shot at, not certain if she was behind, in back, alongside or in front when she saw, heard or knew bullets were being fired. She went back from someplace to get somewhere to turn him over to see the back, front, ultimately leaving him there and hearing that voice from God to just leave while bullets were flying and escaped. And how she knew if it happened on the Mexican or Texas side is anyone’s guess, but the constant repetition of "on the Mexico side; on the Mexico side" shows just how sensitive and important it was to Tiffany that everyone know that "this" did not happen on the US side; giving US authority to investigate. She made this clear from the moment she got out of the water, first to the 911 operator, and then repeatedly in interviews. 
In criminal law "Overt Act" is defined as , an overt act , an open act, one that can be clearly proved by evidence, and from which criminal intent can be inferred, as opposed to a mere intention in the mind to commit a crime. Therefore, it is an act that, while innocent per se, can potentially be used as evidence against someone during a trial to show his/her participation in a crime. For instance, a rental of a van and a purchase of a gun are overt acts as part of an assassination.

The overt acts of Tiffany Hartley, once properly investigated by authorizes will help guide the investigation and open up many doors for exploration. We are not amused by her shopping spree, or her juvenile emotional posts or her shopping sprees. We are alarmed at how few in media have asked strong questions of the only known eye witness into the disappearance of a young man. We want an answer to our question:

Is Tiffany Hartley involved in the shooting of David Hartley?em>
This is the question that needs to be answered. In the United States, all of us have the presumption of innocence in a court of law.Tiffany Hartley is judicially innocent of the disappearance of David Hartley. This must be the presuppostion for her, and for everyone else. This is how our judicial system works. 

An investigation needs to be done. David's family deserves this much.

Tiffany: Call the FBI and volunteer to take a polygraph administered by them! Tell your followers on Facebook that you wil do this today. Show your love for David that you profess publicly. 

You have taken this case public and have given us the right to question your story. Unlike the Zapata County Sheriff's Office, we do not simply accept your word for it, or any other single witness' word on any murder case.

"Trust, but verify". 

AS for the current elected Sheriff, let us remind him that he took an oath. 

On their Website it says: "The mission of the Zapata County Sheriff's Office is to maintain social order and provide professional law enforcement services to citizens in the community, including, but not limited to, victims of crime, the elderly, and the youth, within prescribed ethical, budgetary, and constitutional constraints. This office strives to enforce the law and maintain order in a fair and impartial manner, recognizing the need for justice, and consistent appearance of justice." 

David Hartley was a victim of a crime and he lived in Texas. He was a US citizen and deserves justice. His family deserves justice; something all US citizens expect. 

And unless it can proven otherwise he died somewhere in Texas, either on land or in water. If the call placed to 911 was received by an emergency operator in the United States, then this is wherethe jurisdiction of that call goes to. It a referral is needed, it comes from Zapata County. 

We have spent considerable time outlining facts in the murder of David, and as a sworn public official of that office the Sheriff likely needs a bit of assistance from the public at large. 

First, paperwork should be filed immediately on David Hartley as a missing person. This is something his family can do, without Tiffany which will have David Hartley’s case entered in missing person’s database and eventually; and then onto an formal investigation. 

Resources and budget constraints should not be an issue in this case as numerous agencies i.e. the Attorney General’s Office, homeland security and the FBI are awaiting your telephone call for assistance and funding you may require for this case. 

Next, Law Enforcement must call out Tiffany Hartley with a public request for a polygraph. Since she has designated herself as a "voice" for America, and is now on a public mission, let the call to clear herself also be public. Should she decline, the family will process this and continue on to press for an investigation into his disappearance. 

We can all write to Zapata County Sheriff's Office and insist upon an investigation and remind them that as a citizen of the United States, David Hartley deserves this much. 

Gov. Rick Perry has been outspoken on this case, we can write to him and demand an investigation and justice for David. He can assign this for investigation. 

Until we see a formal investigation and justice for David Hartley, we will not rest.

Peter Hyatt is an Investigator and an expert on Statement analysis, also called "statement validity assessment", "content analysis", "investigative discourse analysis", and "scientific content analysis" is a technique that can be used to detect concealed information, missing information, and whether the information that person has provided is true or false. Peter Hyatt's blog is

[Susan Murphy Milano is with the Institute for Relational Harm Reduction and Public Pathology Education. She is an expert on intimate partner violence and homicide crimes. For more information visit  She is the author of "Time's Up A Guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships," available for purchase at the Institute, and wherever books are sold.  Susan is the host of The Susan Murphy Milano Show, "Time's Up!" on Here Women Talk and is a regular contributor to the nationally syndicated The Roth Show with Dr. Laurie Roth ]

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stukyle said...

On Peter Hyatt's radio show on Sunday you confidently stated that Tiffany Hartley has a love interest that is involved. This speculation rings true to me for several reasons. First, Tiffany is not very smart and I cannot believe that she acted alone. Second, she loves attention and she does not seem too crazy about her husband. I think that if she did not have a love interest she would have settled for David's lousy husbanding so that she would at least have some kind of attention. On the other hand, a lot of non-homicidal people have love interests so I am trying to figure out what this adds to the story. It gives me a more specific idea of who is pulling the puppet strings but it still leaves me wondering why she didn't simply run off with the new guy. There must be a significant amount of money at stake somehow. I leave the possibility that she is a sociopath and murdered him because she wanted to and expected to get away with it. However, if her love interest is involved, then that makes two sociopaths which is plausible but less likely. So this is what I am wondering: did the love interest pull the trigger? Is the love interest so obsessed with border control that that was part of the motive? Where in the world is the border control obsession coming from? Is it also tied to money somehow?

The love interest speculation adds a whole new set of motives.

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