Friday, January 2, 2009

Troopers Wife Didn't Stand a Chance

In Marblehead, New York, 49-year old Isol Cotto took steps to end her abusive relationship with her abusive husband, a 53 year- old retired cop.

William Cotto was angered by his wife's actions. She filed charges with police and a court order of protection against him on 12/30/08. Police were ordered to confiscate all his weapons and Cotto posted a measly $500 bond and walked free.

Cotto was angry because his wife, Isol wanted a divorce.

The next day, New Year's eve morning, William Cotto shot his wife in cold blood before taking his own life.

We can make up all kinds of excuses to describe this cowards actions. Some will say he was depressed. Others who knew him or were related to this bozo will point to his loving devotion and kindness. Or we will hear about how he wasn't himself, it was an unfortunate tragedy and may he rest in peace.

Very few will say the words "cold blooded killer". Or use a term such as "coward" to describe this person's actions.
Isol Cotto's murder should have more importance than to be packaged neatly as another murder suicide. Killed by a man who planned her death, because she had the courage to say no more. She was not going to continue being a victim. And for approximately twenty-four hours, she was on her way to becomming a success survivor.

But, men like William Cotto, still allowed special advantages because he was in law enforcement was not going to allow his wife to have the last word. In his eyes, she embarrassed and disgraced him when Isol Cotto filed charges and secured an order of protection. Which in this case as in most is nothing more than a legal paper trail with the court system.
The system failed Isol Cotto. First, the police for not going that extra mile in securing her safety.

Secondly, the judge for such a low bail amount of $500.

Third, additional weapons owned by Cotto were not surrendered to police. He probably told them he was going to use the shotgun and go hunting. Or perhaps they did not think it was that important to investigate further.
When law enforcement and the legal system respond to a police officers wife for assistance, they are in over their heads.

Procedures when dealing with officer related crimes must change. Services for families must be developed and implemented for officers wives and children.

Women have less than a chance to move forward in their lives, with their lives when married to anyone in law enforcement.

You train officers to serve and protect both large and small communities across the county.

How about government acknowledging the dangers of being married to trained killers?
At least provide a special door for an officers wife to enter, so she can at the very least, have a fighting chance to survive.


Delilah said...

One thing I noticed reading the newspaper article and the subsequent comment section is just as you say. The debates go on and on about the killer and the whys and wherefores of what he did, but there was really only 1 person with a voice of reason who explained her situation being married into a "cop" family.

Nothing was said to memorialize or to give any condolences to Isol Cotto, the real victim of this murder. When will the media and the general population give the facts of what this woman has lived with and why she has turned up murdered.

Until there are more voices like yours for the dead wives, we will never hear about it, it will always be debated why the cop acted this out and justified by way too many.

Anonymous said...

It was $5000 not $500

Katie B said...

You bring up a good point. If officers are trained in weapons, the streets and crime issues, why not train an officers wife?

Maybe more women would be alive if via some entity tey could go thru a system specefic to them.

It is a double edge sword for any one married to a cop.

Cargo said...

Consideration for safety needs to be included before a woman especially married to a cop says she is leaving or going for a retraining order. It send the abusers over the edge.

Isol Cotto and many others who have been killed may have lived if safety measures were a priority for these tragic cases

Anonymous said...

Published reports said Cotto posted his own bail of 10% ($500 dollars) of the $5000 ordered by the judge.

Reports also said Cotto worked in the Kingston barracks for about 10 years, assigned to the New York State Thruway. He served with state police for about 20 years in total and retired this year.

Cotto was in violation of the order of protection related to Tuesday's charges at the time of Wednesday's violence.

RIP Isol Cotto

Anonymous said...

Wow, this article is filled with pure hatred for police. I generally try not to judge people in their rantings but this sounds to be a rant on your part their Miss Murphy-Milano. I agree the bail was too low. I continue to pray for all souls lost to and continually live with active Domestic violence. I will pray for you as well, Susan, I hope you can put your anger aside and use your voice for some good. God bless you.

Upstate NY Police Officer said...

1. It is Marbletown, NY
2. They confiscated all weapons located on the property.
3. Yes he was a coward, in fact, I will go as far as to call him a terrorist. All instances of domestic violence are terroristic acts.
4. He was not allowed special consideration because he was in law enforcement. (that is a fabrication.)
5. Did you have a conversation with Cotto about his feelings of embarrassment and/or disgrace?? (fabrication/conjecture)
6. The bail amount was $5000.00 and it too was too low. 50,000.00 should have been the number.
7. "He probably told them he was going to use the shotgun and go hunting" (fabricated)
8. I am not sure about your request for a "special door"

Susan, I am confused about your motives in this article. I sense anger against the police, the government, and the 'system'. You ask for a special door and I don't have a clue on what your implication is. Perhaps you can respond, after you cool off a bit. Thanks you for allowing me to comment.

LEO Wife-Atlanta GA said...

To the angry officer who likely knew the man who murdered Isol Cotto you are defending a man who is a murderer. I am a police officers wife in Atlanta you have no idea what we deal with on a daily basis.

What Ms. Milano is doing is creating awareness for change. If I went to get a TRO I'd be dead, too. And those killed already have paid a very high price, including Ms. Milano's own mother.

We can't go into the court system like everyone else. Instead of throwing stones why don't you consider changing the system for police officers families.

It's remarks like yours that show ignorance to a deadly issue.

Upstate NY Police Officer said...

To the angry LEO Wife in Atlanta Georgia. You assume that I am a Trooper, that I knew the a-hole Cotto, and that I am angry. I am none of these.

I am aware that Milano is using her blog to create awareness, and I in turn attempt the same, without anger or in fabricating 'facts'.

Your statements: "We can't go into the court system like everyone else."

Why not?

"Instead of throwing stones why don't you consider changing the system for police officers families."

Who exactly is throwing the stones now?

"It's remarks like yours that show ignorance to a deadly issue."

and I offer to you the same statement.

It is true that I do not know what you personally have to deal with on a daily basis. But, the comments you post make no sense to me. I am not sure what a TRO is.

What I can tell you is, I see violence in domestic situations everyday. I choose not to live in these situations which is a choice I have, other people also have this choice but are afraid to move forward with uncertain choices to remove themselves from the violence. I do not condone violence of any sort against anyone for any reason. Including emotional abuse, physical or any other kind of violence.

I wish you all good luck in life and love. I hope and truly believe with your help we all can make a difference.
God bless.

Anonymous said...

Susan Murphy-Milano's Blog "Trouper's Wife Didn't Stand a Chance"

Another woman shot by her husband a police officer.

KUDO's Susan for calling a spade a spade and shining a light on the real problem.

Susan is dead on (no pun intended) there needs to be accountability for the consequences of the law not being followed.

The police are to serve and protect and uphold the law. They should be held to a higher standard to ensure that is done.

Officers' decision not to enforce a protection order can and do lead to murder. Read below story.

Man kills mother-in-law

Regan said...


What I have always liked about you is your honesty, and directness. You don't mince words and you get to the heart of the problem quickly. There aren't many like you.

You helped me to become a success survivor and I am forever grateful. I believe it is your unique life experiences which have given you the ability to see the problem correctly and then seek a solution.

Thank you for being our voice. Keep speaking loudly!

My Story Link

Chicago Tribune Editorial Link

Anonymous said...

Cotto tried to rape me in my home in the early 90's. He came over for a drink and forced me on my bed, pinned my hands over my head and was forcing himself on me. I had just gotten out of an abusive marriage and I could sense the anger coming from every pore in Cotto's body. When I did not have sex with him, he said he might as well leave. I said OK. But he did not leave right away. He continued to harass and pressure me for sex. I said it is not a good idea, you might as well just go...finally he left but he made my life miserable because I got stopped by the cops (state & sheriff) approximately 30 times in less than a year. I was never issued tickets, it was pure harassment. My brother said to me, ever since your "date" with Bill Cotto, this shit has been happening...needless to say, I left NY for a while because I could not stand being harassed by the cops. And there is NOTHING you can do about it. They are all in that same "club" and they look out for each other.

My sympathy goes out to the family, friends and boyfriend of Isol.

Anonymous said...

I too "dated" Bill Cotto in the early 90's while he was separated from his wife. I helped him move his things from their home. Unlike "Anonymous" who was nearly raped by him after she invited him over for a drink he was nothing but respectful and sincere. I was totally shocked to hear what he had done to Ilso because of how much I knew he had wanted his marriage to work. I thought maybe they had worked things out. I knew they were having problems over 20 years ago. Alot of arguments. I thought if it wasn't going to work out she would have left him so much sooner. How sad it is if they stayed together for their daughter. My prayers are with Islo's family. I misjudfed him terribly. It could have been me.

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