Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lending Your Voice's

"She wrote in that computer, 'I don't know all the future holds for me. And I'm scared of what will happen in the future'..."

On Monday, April 27, 2009, Robert Vanaman who plead guilty to his wife’s murder last month will be sentenced before a judge. Many are concerned the former cop will not receive much of a sentence based on the fact he and his family are well known in the community. But, you have an opportunity to make a difference and be heard. The family has requested letters to be sent to the judge.

We [the family] are asking that letters be addressed to: The Honorable Judge Martin Herman. Please let him know how you feel and what you think. You must sign the letter. There cannot be any anonymous letters. Please fax your letter to (856) 447-1169 by Monday morning. In advance, the family of Barbara would like to thank you for your help and cooperation.

Please consider lending your voice in hopes the judge does not give Robert Vanaman probation or a reduced sentenced.

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