Friday, December 19, 2008

National Media Blunder-Celebrity Status For Murder Suspect

An "important press release" hit the news wires 28 hours ago. Lead items on AOL, places like the Associated Press and hundreds shows and news wires ran a breaking news headline. The Chicago Sun-Times displayed the tabloid trash on their front page.

Everyone who covered the story fell prey to not only an abuser, but a man who threatens his family. A man who is a suspect in what police believe is a homicide. With another case from a prior relationship, now a murder.

Two, Women, Four Children without mothers and a dickless cowardly , husband of one dead woman, Kathleen Savio and the other to whom this jackass is still legally married too, Stacy Peterson makes national headlines because he got engaged to some 23 year-old.

In the same way that Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan demanded the removal of the Illinois Governor, she should also demand from the Will County States Attorney James Glasgow the finding of the grand jury, the progress of the Illinois State police investigation and the status of the Drew Peterson case.

When will Peterson be arrested and formally charged in at least one of these cases is the only national headline that should be important.

Playing into the hands of an abuser, also a former law enforcement officer, is like the joker smiling at batman, in every episode allowed to get away with murder, without ever being held accountable.


Oakbrook Terrace said...

Drew Peterson is walking around a free man because too many people have damaged the investigation they don’t have anything on him.

That's why he's out and about.

Levi said...

Hi Susan, you know I think your the bomb, but I don't agree. I think this needs to be publicized EVERYWHERE... Maybe this young woman will come to her senses and leave him.

This is a man who murdered 2 women, and abused his second wife.

God knows what the other two wives went through.

The story should be what a womanizing, psychopathic, murdering, abusing POS he is.

But I do agree he is a dickless coward, him and his bald legal roaster.

Delilah said...

I think Bolingbrook should hide away every woman under 30 until this dickless coward (Love it!) is put away. If this were my 23 year old daughter I would find a way to get her away from him and have her locked up for stupidity.

I can't imagine that with a year's worth of grand jury testimony they wouldn't have something they could use to get him off the streets and off of our TV screens.

If this is just another one of his tasteless publicity stunts it shows his blatant disrespect for women everywhere let alone for his missing wife, his dead wife, and the mothers of his children.

What does he have that a 23 year old would be attracted to? He is an old, saggy, abusive, possible murderer! Fine choice in a husband! He must have a line of shit a mile long...make that 10 miles long! Yukkk!

legal edge said...

I agree partly with your point. DP doesn't deserve such attention, but this idiot of a woman and others like her do. It's not charming or cute to date and abuser. IT'S DANGEROUS.
And this man is old enough to be her father.

I understand your point to pressure cook this case, demand answers and arrest him already.

And stories like this are atributed to why many other woman are hurt or murdered because the abuser got away with it.

Anonymous said...

I think Drew has a lot of *dirt* on powerful individuals and thats why the investigation has stalled.

A womans value is zero to them. Sweet, demure, submissive and slim but mostly, expendable.

Maybe federal intervention is necessary, since Kathleens civil rights were violated by Bolingbrook cops and Glasgow cannot seen to get the job done.

Every decent person should be outraged over this.

Anonymous said...

You know what I think about Will County justice system. The billboard said it all. "Open Season on women in Will County"
The woman is sick. She obviously loves the media attention and is willing to gamble with her life.
No shortage of stupid there!

Marri said...

I agree Drew Peterson should not be cast into the spot light as if he is some hero. He is the lowest form of trash.

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