Monday, April 27, 2009

Manhunt For College Professor

Police are searching for George M. Zinkhan III, the 57 year old professor. He is armed and dangerous.

On Saturday after a heated argument, the professor return with two guns 47-year-old Marie Bruce ( his ex-wife and mother of their two children), Ben Teague, 63 (the senior member of the community), and Tom Tanner, 40 (actor who worked at the University of Georgia.)

It is likely he's somewhere on the hills of Georgia. If he is still alive chances are he has gone to a store out of the way in a small town that would not have security cameras and purchased a razor to shave his beard and possibly the top of his head, altering his appearance.

His resume indicates he is a Coca-Cola Company Professor, Department of Marketing and Distribution at the University of Georgia. And he is a co-author of 2 books.

He doesn't sound like a killer? But then again, they never do!

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