Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Plan "B"

Suzan Annette Sowders-Fuller stood on her ranch in Bakersfield, California, crossed her arms and shook her head in disbelief, on Monday August, 3, 2009 when her estranged husband bonded (for the second time) out of jail paying a measly $750 to be back out on the street only to continue terrorizing his wife and kids. As of Monday last week there were 8 police reports for breaking a court order of protection; slicing tires, breaking and entering; verbal threats of death over the phone; taking a container of diesel fuel and dousing the house. The kicker, on Wednesday August 5, 2009, Robert Fuller was visiting as scheduled by the courts with the couple's 2 daughter's ages 8 and 5.

Robert Dale Fuller was allowed to continue supervised visitation with his children. Why wasn't he behind bars? Where was the district attorney? Why wasn't he charged with several felonies?

Could it be that no one took Suzan's cries for help seriously because she was going through a divorce? We will never know.

On Saturday August 8, 2009 at 2:25 a.m. a frantic call was placed to the police by the 8 year-old child, "please she screamed, help us, help us, my mommy, my grandma have been shot, hurry, hurry someone please hurry."

In front of both children Robert Fuller shot to death Suzan and her mother Sharon Cannon.

A spokesperson from the Sheriff's Department told the local news reporter they responded to a "domestic dispute." What no one knew at the time and I learned this morning, was the system refused to do its' job on many levels in this case.

At the conclusion of the article it reads "Sheriff urged anyone experiencing domestic violence or abuse to seek professional help."

The system appears to serve as nothore more then a light post for your street address as they approach the crime scene, respondong only after someone has been murdered by their violent husband or boyfriend. It is obvious for anyone experiencing violence in a relationship, or going through a nasty divorce, plan "B" is a survival requirement or they may not survive to see a new sunrise.

Part 2 of this post is tomorrow.

Don't forget to mark your calendars for the Susan Murphy Milano show on Wednesday, August 12, 2009 at 3:00PM central time as we talk about this case with a family member and Claudia Dombrokski from Mothers Without Custody, including what women must arm themselves with to survive the abuse. The question of the day is: Are you interested in planning for a funeral or a new life?


Sandy said...

I cannot imagine the pain these young children must take on for many years to come. I will say prayers for the little girls in hopes God watches over them.

Delilah said...

Had the "system" properly responded to Suzan's cries for help for her and her children, she and her mother may still be alive!

This is another glaring example of a flimsy piece of paper, otherwise known as Order of "Protection," being blatantly violated time after time and this man allowed to continue doing whatever he wanted.

By the time a situation gets to this point, OP is worthless, he is set in his mind to do what he's going to do!

When will senseless murders stop!?

Please pray that these two little girls, 8 and 5, will have loving care after surviving this awful tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Too bad he is still alive and breathing. California is without funding because of the recent budget cuts. Automatically it would be only fair to send this dirt bag to the gas chambers. In the name of availabale funding of course

baliangel said...

I figured he would take his own life as well. Not that it makes things easier for the family If he did. Scary when you need protection and its just not there. I hope the family can find peace soon.....somehow.

Anonymous said...

I found a video news story on this:



TigressPen said...

At the conclusion of the article it reads "Sheriff urged anyone experiencing domestic violence or abuse to seek professional help."

I thought the police and filing charges against an abuser was seeking professional help. LE can only do so much and then it’s the courts turn- The system let her and her mom and children down big time.

Anonymous said...

I am a close friend to this family and have first hand knowledge that this woman begged for help to authorities and anyone that would listen, annette own attorney stood by and did nothing to help this family. She paid her attorney and trusted that this woman would help her. The attorney failed to fight for this family and when she was killed her own attorney said " the authorties let this family down and what was I suppose to do ? Get a gun and watch over them on the front porch!!" Banducci in Bakersfield California also carries blood on her hands.

Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace Suzan & Sharon we will not give up, shut up or go away!

Delilah said...


Your pain is obvious and I'm so sorry this tragedy happened in your family.

One thing I would like to point out is that so often we think that the attorney we hire will save us from these things happening. That is NOT the role of an attorney. They are only there to see you through the legal process and there are many things they can not do for women in this circumstance.

That's why it's so important to educate ourselves about what attorneys can and can not do and also to teach advocates how to better facilitate a woman through an abusive divorce situation such as Annette's.

Susan's show next week will have a divorce attorney as a guest and I hope that they will discuss this issue.

Please know that you and your family are in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

What do women expect?

They destroy a mans life, take his children. take his home and leave him penniless.

If you want to blame anyone, blame Gloria Steinem...feminism has made women miserable and all to willing to throw away their families.

Blame the courts for destroying mens lives and always making them out to be the bogeyman in divorces.

When men have everything they worked for taken away from them, when they can no longer see their children... WTF do you expect them to do? Simply accept it?

I completely understand why men go on killing sprees.

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