Saturday, January 31, 2009

When Marriage Turns Deadly

According to David Lohr’s Blog “There are several cases of missing mothers in the news right now. Two of those cases – Kelly Currin Morris and Corrie L. Anderson – have received a considerable amount of coverage here in recent months. Now another case - a Missouri mother of three – joins them among the pages of the missing, Renee Pernice……….

Not long ago cases of mothers vanishing , received little to nothing in the way of media coverage. A few scattered blurbs here and there it was more of a missing persons case if law enforcement couldn't find a body. Often police would not do much in the way of investigation, how could they? A potential crime scene in the residence of where the couple shared their lives. Unless they have a good reason to ask for a search warrant, it may not happen. Or too much time elapses and important evidence is destroyed. The case is now cold and it gets thrown into the pile of missing or unsolved cold cases. In part, this is due to lack of training in the area of domestic violence crimes. But,the Internet has become an important tool in bringing awareness to mothers and girlfriends missing at the hands of those who profess to love them. Pressure is placed from the community to law enforcement to investigate these cases. The Internet keeps their cases alive in hopes that someone will come forward or the person responsible is finally brought to justice.

One of the highest profile cases of mothers vanishing is Stacy Peterson. The Bolingbrook wife and mother married to the police Sergeant whom we see parading himself all over national television with a catch me if you can attitude.

None of these women could have predicted their fate. Each married to in my opinion murdering monsters. Their very existence based on power and control over every detail in their lives.
These men thought carefully when they discovered the mothers of their children and wives confronted their husbands with the startling news, they were leaving. Making plans to move forward without their abusive and controlling husbands.
In studying these cases for nearly twenty years, the majority of these cases have several similarities:
The women are stalked and tracked throughout their daily routines.
They have been somewhat isolated from friends and family.
They have been physically or verbally threatened with bodily harm if they don’t listen, or decide to leave.
They did not have a plan of action that included evidentiary documentation.
They confronted the person, disclosing to them their plans in ending the marriage or relationship.
The children of these women are, motherless.

Each, have vanished, or been killed.
While I can never bring my own mother back since her murder almost twenty years ago at the hands of man who was also angry she was moving forward with her life. I am able to help others within communities across the country providing effective strategies and tools for those in danger. I can be contacted via email at:

3 comments: said...

The internet an important voice and it should also be considered a prevention tool when when are leaving. There is great information and resources available with the click of a mouse.

People can go to or call 1-800-799-SAFE for help if they are involved in an abusive relationship.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree cooperation or treating family missing persons case when the relationship has had problems requires law enforcement to treat these cases as crimes.

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan: I, too, was witness to severe domestic violence as a child and I still cannot get past the horror and memories. I do not trust men, period and choose to avoid them like the plague.
Those cowards who abuse their wives and kids damage their spirits and these kids become the walking wounded, mudding through life with pain no one sees. One person should not have the power to ruin another.
Keep up all the good work you do. I try and do my part to draw attention to abuse wherever I can.

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