Monday, January 12, 2009

NBC News Chicago: Singing the Praises of Drew Peterson?

NBC 5 News Chicago is broadcasting a "Day in the life of "Drew Peterson tonight on their news broadcast.

Maybe I under estimated the news worthy potential, filming a cowardly dickless wonder as he parades or floates across a room in the kitchen or bathroom cleaning toilet bowels or operating a vacuum cleaner in a home where a crime was likely committed. And a mother's life, erased.

So what can we expect to see from this high profile suspect and abuser? It's likely he will appear preparing his children's meals, doing domestic duty around the house, folding laundry, making beds, oh and smiling for the camera as he says "this is just an average day". Maybe we will get a glimse of the 23-year-old ( who needs a psych evaulation) to whom Peterson is engaged.

If NBC wants to do a "news" piece why not report on an investigation into the lives/deaths of Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson. How about interviewing Harry Smith the lawyer who represented Kathleen in her divorce and also met with Stacy to seek legal advice just days before her vanishing act in leaving Peterson. Or visiting the Will County States Attorney and doing a story on how the legal system failed both of these women, and what their office is doing differently. Or Illinois State Police and how they may have missed important evidence in the home during their search for evidence.

Parading this sick cowardly cop, a murder suspect, just feeds not only Peterson's sick abusive pattern but, others who are as I write this, plotting and planning to murder their wives and girlfriends all in the name of getting away with murder.

Everyone who read this needs to send an email of outrage to the reporter Or head over to the Drew Peterson blog where they list the direct cell phone number of the reporter here.

The man in charge is Larry Wert his email is


Robert Barrison, NY said...

Is an investigation still open on the case? Or has it been closed hence the reason the news profile on Peterson?

Or is this a ratings game for the station.

Jurorthirteen said...

I think it's all about selling the Peterson book. No matter what that liar says... he has to be making money on the book... His hired PR guy is doing his best to keep the creep in the news... I bet Selig or Armstrong have something to do with this publicity stunt.

Delilah said...

What is the redeeming social value in watching a suspected murderer washing dishes? Has NBC got nothing else to report on? I say everyone should not only boycott this piece of trivial fluff, but boycott the sponsors.

Drew Peterson is eating this up, he is creating this "engagement" to feed his own narcissistic, evil needs.

What the hell is wrong with people up there? Will County, States Attorney, Beuller?....somebody put this idiot behind bars before he "loses" another woman!

Hang Drew said...

Hi Susan,
Sorry about the confusion last night at my blog, I was told this morning that you stopped by there last night but was not let in because they didnt believe it was you - feel free to come back as I have told the mods Susan Milano is the real deal and I read at her site all the time.

Hang Drew said...

Oops!! I didnt know the pic on my profile would show up on here along with my post - feel free to delete if ya want.

Fleece said...

The man has not been arrested. He is free to do and act like a
jacka$$ all he wants. The other victims are the kids, in silence watching their dad bringing a stranger into the home without any regard for both women.

Anonymous said...

An innocent man would not act like this. This is how a physcopathh acts. He gives new meaning to the word. What is NBC thinking? We get to watch as he murders his next victim?

What is taking so long with charging him? Hopefully public outrage will make something happen.

This is horribly distasteful like stopping to watch a car wreck.

I'm shocked. New low even for TV!

Anonymous said...

Anyone watch the BTK MSNBC special. Killers LOVE publicity!

Here's a new one it's Drew dickless wonder being stalked by new victim's ex-boyfriend.


Chicago said...

NBC's new slogan in light of this trash- N.B.C. stands for Now Brodcasting Crap! said...

A day in the Life of a Murderer--For shame NBC-For shame--this isn't tabloid news stand bathroom journalism.

A. Rossi, Orland Park said...

I heard the girlfriend has moved her 2 kids into Petersons house sounds like child protective services needs to pay a visit!

Anonymous said...

Arrest this guy already!

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