Sunday, February 1, 2009

Registered Sex Offender, Drug Dealer Hired as Traffic Cop

Lorenzo Shepherd spent years behind bars for being a drug dealer and sex offender, but now he's being given a second chance through a program operated by the U.S. Attorney's Office.
Over three decades, Shepherd has been arrested, charged and convicted of more than a dozen crimes, from theft, to drug trafficking, to rape.

He's also a registered sex offender. Beginning next week, he will be a Cleveland police traffic control officer thanks to the program and the Cleveland police.

Even though his most recent conviction for drug trafficking was two years ago, Shepherd said he's rehabilitated.

"You can trust me. You can feel safe around me," he said.
But Cleveland's police union is outraged by the hiring of Shepherd.

"A guy who has spent his entire life breaking laws is now in charge of enforcing them? It's a ridiculous notion," said union president Steve Loomis. "It's asinine. It's complete insanity to have this guy on the payroll within the Department of Public Safety."
Shepherd, who has been arrested by some of the people he will now serve with, said he is worried how the officers will react to him.
He asks them to give him a chance.


sycanti said...

The guy has an arrest as recent as 2 years ago. Comming in contact with the public unsupervised is dangerous

Unidall said...

This is good rehabilitate a sex offender to committ more crimes. Real smart new approach. Who was the idiot that thought this program up?

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