Thursday, January 29, 2009

ABC's Nightline Features The Life of a Trained Killer ?

Tonight, Drew Peterson once again, appears on television. This time, he's on ABC's program Nightline.

WE must not forget, 2 of his wives are dead. His children will never again see or hear their mother's face or voices. Had Stacy not vanished Kathleen Savio (wife #3) body would have never been exhumed. And the real truth of a botched murder investigation might have never surfaced.

Two women married to a man who by all accounts was an abuser with a badge and a license to carry a weapon. I give Peterson a lot of credit for having the balls to parade himself and his next victim as though they were hollywood royalty.

Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio were forever silenced. Each time you see Peterson remember these women were unable to seek the resources necessary to get out from under his control with their lives. Why? Because he was the law!


LEO Wife said...

I think when Peterson is finally arrested we will see changes in the system for the wives of law enforcment. Yes, he's a poster boy. Yes we know he is guilty. And yes, the good old boy newtork needs to be torn down.

Tortifar said...

59 people voted to impeach the IL Goverenor.

The process for a grand jury appears less complicated. What is wrong with the prosecutors office that Peterson is still free?

Anonymous said...

I watched the show it made me sick. But hey all in the name of ratings.

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