Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Memo to Boston Governor Deval Patrick

The Governor of Boston Deval Patrick has proclaimed domestic violence an epidemic. I mean no disrespect to his honor. I applaud his attempts at heightening awareness. He is designating $1.3 million dollars for a study .

The problem is, solutions will not be revealed in a study. Likely administered by individuals who have no idea what is domestic violence or the deadly , yet silent dangers victims and their children face three hundred and sixty five days a year seven days a week. Or the law enforcement families who are unable to seek basic legal remedies because their boyfriend or husband is issued a badge and a gun within the State of Boston.

Governor Patrick, a study will not produce results. It will only add more flames to a fire already out of control in the lives of family violence victims.

You would not hire someone to run your campaign for re-election who did not have experience and a track record would you? Then sir, why commission and ineffective tool likely to sit on someone's desk for a few years.

There is a group of individuals who are in the trenches and on top of the issues of family violence in the home across the country. These experts, given the opportunity would implement more than a study with the $1.3 million dollars. Sir, they would create tools that are effective and save lives.

I for one would like nothing more then to not attend another funeral. Or explain to a child why Mommy or Daddy are not, ever, coming home.

I would welcome an opportunity to discuss real options and potential solutions. It will not cost you $1.3 million dollars. A plane ticket and lunch seems like a real bargin.

Afterall, Governor, one cannot put a price on human lives.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Wasting tax of dollars. It is similar to reinventing the wheel.

Cloud_Writer said...

I commend the Governor for wanting to get a better understanding. It's the same thing that was attempted for officer-involved domestic violence by Washington State's Congressman Jay Inslee in 2005. Inslee did succeed though in getting the Crystal Judson Brame Domestic Violence Protocol Program legislation passed - Department of Justice money under the Violence Against Women Act. It freed up money for several things, including to help police departments with domestic violence. I'm wondering if the Grant accessed for the governor's study is coming from that pot.

Anonymous said...

Susan, I would only hope that governor will take up your offer. It is wasting precious time for those women who are already in an abusive situation.

Time is of the essence and to wait for a "study" to be done when the facts are already known seems like dangling a carrot. It is not being proactive to change the situations of countless women who are desparate for help.

Let's all get busy and start shooting off emails and let it be known that this needs to get onto the fast track.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't assume redundancy or incompetence before the committee or researchers are even assembled.

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