Friday, June 6, 2008

Murder Beyond Words

This past mother's day Lisa Freiberg, her seven year old son Zachary, two year old daughter Savanah and the family German shepherd were each brutally murdered. Lisa Frieberg's live in boyfriend Edward Covington was found by police hiding in one of the kids closets. This man chocked, beat, and stabbed each one of his victims. After they lay dead in their own blood, Covington proceeded to mutilate the bodies. At lease one of the victims was found with their head decapitated. Covington remained inside the residence until he was arrested by police.

Covington had prior arrests and was on parole. He was by all accounts a violent man.

He was arrested in 2005 on an animal cruelty charge, but that case was not prosecuted. A 911 call led Tampa police to Covington's home at the time and they found him face down on his living room floor, crying. Police found three dead, mutilated cats in the home.Covington's father, Ronnie Covington, told police his son suffers from depression and bipolar disorder. He has said his son was distraught following a separation from his wife. Ronnie Covington, his father is a detention deputy at Falkenburg Road Jail in Florida.

According to and ABC news interview Covington's ex-wife said she feared him. "My wrist was broken in four different places," she said. "He threw me against walls. He choked me."She says that violence started shortly after the two were married and only got worse over time.

For months she stayed, mostly because she says she was afraid to leave. She claims Covington's battle with mental illness went mostly unchecked and claims he told her two weeks ago that he wasn't taking his medication.

Covington also talked about breaking up with his current girlfriend, Lisa Freiberg."He told me that he did not want to be with her," the ex-wife said. "That he was trying to get rid of them and he didn't know how."

Then Sunday morning Covington left her a message that got her attention."To call him," she said. "That he really needed to talk to me and he was in really big trouble."Covington never picked up the phone when she called him back.

The next day, she learned about the murders. Now, as her ex-husband sits in jail, she says her biggest regret is never getting the chance to share her story with Lisa Freiberg."I would have told her about his violent side, to leave.

I feel that he's capable of murder. I really did, but I never thought he would do it."Covington's ex-wife said she did report the abuse to authorities while they were married, but he was never charged. She now says she is prepared to testify against him when this case goes to trial."

If we learn anything from these horriffic tragedies it is that women must do more to arm themselves with backround information before they involve themselves in a serious relationship with not only a violent abuser, but, a person who depends on medication in order to function among the human race.

If you are in a dangerous relationship, please contact the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The call is free and confidential. The number is 1-800-799-SAFE.

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Anonymous said...

By far this is one of the most tragic crimes I have read. My heart goes out to the family of this mothre & her children.

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