Monday, June 9, 2008

The War On Crime Radio: Husbands Suspected of Murder

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This weeks topic on War on Crime Radio: "Husbands Suspected of Murder."
Gunslinging Texas prosecutor Siegler has much to say on the subject, having tried her share of intimate partner homicides. Two of Kelly's most notable cases: Susan Wright, who was convicted of binding her husband to the couple's bed and stabbing him hundreds of times; and David Temple, whom a jury found guilty of the shotgun slaying of his pregnant wife. WCI's Kathryn Casey is working on a book about the Temple case.

Today, Kelly (pictured above) will give her take on two husbands who are prime suspects in their wives' deaths: Drew Peterson who has not been arrested for the disappearance and presumed murder of his wife, and a computer programmer currently on trial. Englishman Neil Entwistle is accused of murdering his wife and baby in 2006 . Women In Crime Ink's, Michele McPhee, whose book about the case hit bookshelves last week, is covering the trial.

Joining Kelly for the broadcast is Dr. Maurice Godwin, a forensic expert, investigative psychologist, and author. WCI's Violence Expert and author Susan Murphy-Milano will also participate in the discussion with her co-host Levi Page.
Visit The War on Crime's interactive discussion board. Also, watch for Kelly's first post for Women in Crime Ink this coming week.


TrialBuzz said...

Found your blog - thank you. I am existing in LA right now originally from Boston and I too am watching the Entwistle trial. I am vlogging/archiving the Entwistle trail on UT.

Anonymous said...

good show enjoyed listening to the forensic expert.

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