Monday, March 30, 2009

Full Strength Prescription For Preventing Murder

[Defense Attorney Chiquita Tate 38 Years Old]

On February 20, 2009, police disovered the body of a woman who believed in the justice system so much Chiquita Tate had a tatoo on her back. She was a good lawyer. But she let her guard down when she let her estranged husband into her secure law offices. She was stabbed 38 times.
No surprises here, her husband was arrested and charged with her murder last week.

Chiquita had secured an apartment for herself and she was divorcing her husband. With whom police found enough evidence in her murder to finally make an arrest.

Nearly 80% percent of murders involving husbands, former and intimate partners in the United States occur either when the woman leaves the relationship or shortly afterward. Usually with a 24 month period.

This tragedy is important for anyone who is ending a relationship where like Chiquita there was a history of domestic violence. Yes it's good to get an order of protection but have a plan in place with the court order. If you do not it is like receiving half of a prescripton.

Never open a locked door to a person with whom you are ending a realtionship.
Never agree to meet the person to "talk things out."

Obtain a new cell phone number. Keep the old one and let it take messages. There is no law that says you have to respond in person or verbally on the phone.

Once you say to anyone who is abusive "I am ending the relationship or I am leaving", you better have an immediate plan in place. You cannot say anything about divorcing, seperating or leaving unless you are out of the residence or in a safe place where you cannot be contacted or located.

Thousands of women are being murdered. If you are involved in a violent abusive or stalking related relationship either current or former, you better have a full strength presciption for safety.

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Seaside said...

So many of these women think once they are gone they are safe. Here is an example of a person who had all the tools and got killed because she probably opened the door to let him in "to talk".

Society needs to get their act together. Such a shame. May she rest in peace.

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