Friday, March 27, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action, Murder?

People magazine is again featuring Drew Peterson and his current relationship Christina Raines in their March 26, 2009 issue. The first time Peterson was on the cover he was in uniform just a few short months after Stacy Peterson vanished.

I have written over one hundred blogs on this endless media circus because each day Drew Peterson walks among us as a free man is a reminder to me Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson did not have the same opportunity. And when magazine and televisions shows feature (in my opinion) this abusing murdering walking talking criminal silently slapping his deceased wives in their faces as though their lives meant nothing. As they [the publishers] laugh all the way to bank selling magazines featuring a man and his current love interest as though they are celebrities.

I take personal interest in cases where justice has clearly been interrupted. I am not a cop, attorney or social worker. I am a former business woman turned advocate and author when my own world was rocked, abruptly turned inside out by my father a Chicago Violent crimes detective, after years of abuse murdered my mother in cold blood, before committing suicide.

Drew Peterson has joined a growing number of men who have yet to be charged in their wives murders.

It is evident from the people magazine article society has become immune in cases where men murder in cold blood for the sake of financial gain and we place them on a throne of power.

If you really have to buy the magazine this week, I suggest your money is better spent on finding a food pantry in your area and dropping off a bag of groceries in memory of Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio.

Nearly Sixty percent of battered women, who unlike Kathleen and Stacy were able to escape their violent abuser’s are now among the homeless in this country.

Battered women who are homeless would rather struggle to be free from the violence, then to live with the daily uncertainty of dying at the hands of any person who steels their freedom and threatens their very existence.

Mother's day in just around the corner. In memory of these two courageous women who struggled to escape, please send donations to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence or a food pantry in your area.


Rockford, IL said...

Love the post!. I am a faithful reader of your blog and wanted to say hello.

Ed from Plainfield said...


Great piece once again. Have been keeping up with this case from the start as my wife knows Stacy having met her through Sharon.

I still believe that Justice will be served for these two women.

Delilah said...

I truly hope that many will take your advice and NOT buy this magazine and add to the coffers of those who have continually exploited the deaths of Stacy and Kathleen.

News of a case is one thing, but to blatantly play into the hands of a possible double murderer who is loving the glory is beyond disgusting.

The Puppetmaster is truly at work here, playing us all and seemingly pulling the strings of the justice system in Will County, IL.

Arrest him and shut him the hell up!

Anonymous said...

I am soooo disgusted with this sociopath. Arrest Him already!

Anonymous said...

This guy gets more press than the Zodiac and BTK Killer's and no jail time to boot.
What a world, what a world!

Writer Of Wrongs said...

Drew and his pathetic roadshow serve as a sick twisted form of inspiration to all the other men out there who desire their spouses *erased* rather than part with one red cent in a divorce settlement. To Drews delight, he is a celebrity and keeps all the money and toys. Lucky Drew. Even the prosecutors cannot seem to get their act together and better yet, he's on PEOPLE magazine ! Drew hit the trifecta. Meanwhile, women are still disappearing and being battered. Just today a news story from Joliet, IL where a woman was beaten up and run over by her husband. The sports section eclipsed this story. Just another day for women in Will County, IL.

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