Friday, March 13, 2009

On Trial From the Grave

The trial doesn't begin until March 23, 2009 in the murder of Barbara Vanaman, a police officers wife shot twice in May of 2006.

It comes as no suprise from the grave this victims life will be placed on trial. Often, we do not think much about the lives of women caught in the cross fire of police perpetrated violence or homicide. Because they are rarely given the opportunity to speak. Often silenced in their tracks by a badge and a gun.

This case like so many thousands of others is no different. Barbara was moving on with her life. She was seeking a divorce. This is a dangerous time for any woman let alone the wife of a person in law enforcement.

This week a judge allowed Barbara Vanaman's private counseling records to be unsealed. You see while see is unable to defend herself from the grave, her husband's defense team will be picking apart line by line every word written by a private therapist.

I do not agree with the releasing of these mental health case files. Especially since former police Sgt. Robert Vanaman planned Barbara's murder. This was not a random act or an accident. Robert Vanaman was angry. He simply sought revenge.

Barbara Vanaman was sentenced to death. Silenced, for wanting out of her abusive marriage.

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Anonymous said...

Robert Vanaman will be acquitted. This was self defense.

Anonymous said...

The trial starts next week Monday. 48 hours has decided not to cover the trial or this case.

I hoped they would becauser its an officers wife.

Anonymous said...

So very, very unfair. People will start rethinking what they can say to their doctors. Violated again!

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