Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Hell of a Nice Guy", says Neighbor. Please!

This tragedy is disturbing on many levels. First, they have yet to print the cowards name in the newspaper. One would think after taking an axe and murdering your estranged wife who was a correctional officer, at the very least his name would be mentioned in the context of the media articles.

The cowardly man without a name also took an axe to his step-daughter. She lived for several hours. And later died.

Numerous signs point to difficulties between the two--from a neighbor who gives an account that the husband was having a difficult time after they seperated. To the slain woman filing for divorce in January. And the sheriff's office confirms "the woman had a restraining order against her husband. He wasn't supposed to be on the property, and right now no one knows why he was."

To the haunting messages scrawled with red spray paint on the house and an outbuilding show clear signs of desperation. "Staying in a hotel...running out of money," reads one. "Could not find where to go," reads another hand painted sprayed message.

And then we have then neighbors could not believe the news. "Couldn't be doing something without him wanting to help, he's just a hell of a nice guy you would have never thought would do this, says Joe Kaszycki, a neighbor.

This "guy" is not different than all the hundred's of thousands of others who decide ending a relationship equals murder.

You can have all the mental experts in the world form their opinions and the outcome will be the same. There is no magic "solution" in curing anyone who solves their anger issues with murder. You can blame their childhood. You can point to the fact that this man snapped because the loss was too difficult. But it will not bring this woman or any murder victims back.

Instead of sugar coating this epidemic. Handle these tragedies no diffently than covering the war over in Iraq. A war not easily won in American homes across the country. Where placing a band aid on a boo boo to stop the bleeding will do nothing.

We must be bolder in the messages sent to women right now, who are still alive. Living with abuse. Afraid to leave for fear they will be killed.

If we want to save lives, we must remove the false white picket fences that surround these homes. Perhaps gather a large collection of crime scene photo's and video tapes of the bloody home, the victim and then at the morgue similar to presentations on aftermath of drunk driving prevention . Taking the video and photo's into the community so they are able to see first hand what really goes on in their perfect neighborhoods.

And just maybe, we will save a few million lives!


Stop The Violence said...

It’s outrageous, but it happened: ten emergency shelter organizations in Southern California have been sued by individuals affiliated with the National Coalition of Free Men.

The lawsuit alleged that these ten organizations engage in unlawful gender discrimination by not allowing men into their shelters for battered women and children. As a remedy, the lawsuit seeks a court order forcing them to admit men.

The shelters in question are based in Artesia, Canoga Park, Carson, Claremont, Glendale, Los Angeles, Newhall, Pasadena, and San Pedro. “It’s saddening that a group like the National Coalition of Free Men, which claims to be concerned about battered men, has chosen to launch an attack on groups saving the lives of abused women," said a spokesperson.

Domestic violence is a problem that cuts across race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, and economic status. Nevertheless, according to the Department of Justice, women accounted for 85 percent of all victims of intimate partner violence in the U.S. in 2001. Every day, more than three women are killed, and countless others are threatened and abused by their intimate partners. In a country where domestic violence has reached epidemic proportions, shelter services are desperately needed.

Because domestic violence is such an enormous problem, the California legislature has passed laws to provide state funding for shelters serving battered women and their children. All the organizations being sued receive such funding. Despite their efforts, however, tens of thousands of women are turned away every year in California alone because the shelters are full.

“These shelters offer a refuge for women who fear for their lives and the health of their children,” explained Marci Fukuroda, Staff Attorney at the California Women’s Law.

I still think this is crazy.

Boston Crime Victim Advocate said...

Domestic violence is a particularly misunderstood crime.

For various reasons, victims often fail to report the crime to law enforcement. Feeling helpless, afraid, embarrassed, and even guilty about what happened. Believing that the abuse will never happen again, but abusers tend to follow a predictable cycle.

In these murders the abuser was agitated for being removed from the house with a retraining order from the courts and the woman filing for divorce. The outcome was predictable.

We should do more to keep an eye on this hidden crime, and encourage victims of domestic violence to come forward and learn methods of protection and self defense.

Anonymous said...

Until the facts are known it is all pure speculation! It never ceases to amaze me how many bloggers think they have ALL the answers.

King Cnty said...

Very sad that their live's had to end this way.

Condolences to the family and friends.

Anonymous said...

I doubt there is anything that can help this man. He has probably carried his rage for his entire life. Just lock him up...forever!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to say unbelievable, but once again, another life has been taken by a loved one. What is wrong with people? His excuse is he's sorry--couldn't get help. Please, an animal knows better. Unfortunately, the death penalty will cost tax payers as much , if not more than putting him in prison for the duration of his useless life.

Anonymous said...

Horrible way to die. You have be one angry SOB to use an axe to murder your own family.
I hope the POS burns in hell.

Mobile, AL said...

I can see the insane plea in this case.

But how insane is when a person plans out the murder. He was not allowed on the property and they were divorcing. He went over and planned to carry out the crime. Spray painting the house with his words.

They could decide he is unfir to stand trial. I certainly hope he is tried for the crime.

Thank you for your insight. I enjoy your insight in theses cases.

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