Thursday, August 21, 2008

Justice Interrupted in Officer's Wife's Death

Tera Chavez

When the news story first came out it stated Tera Chavez had committed suicide. What those who were involved in this cover-up did not know, Tera had been in contact with State of Arizona Invetigators.

In a bold move, Tera's death was ruled a homicide. Lawwyers for the family hired attorney Brad Hall and filed a lawsuit against the police department for tampering with a crime scene, destroying evidence and interfering with another departments investigation out of their jurisdiction.

Copy of the law suit: STATE_OF_NEW_MEXICO_Tera_Chavez_Lawsuit_8-1802998.docx


Anonymous said...

We, as a community need to ask:
1) Why is he still on paid leave, 10
months after the death? Is this
bereavement leave? Is that even
covered through the union? 10
months of bereavement pay?
2) Is he considered, "A person of
interest?" If not, then why is
he still on leave?
3) If this is being looked into as,
"A Murder," why hasn't this murder
been a TOP STORY investigation by
Valencia County and NM State
Police? I mean really, a police
officer's wife is murdered and
it's flying under the radar?

Last time this story was on the Website, I asked that we all contact our city councillors to recall Mayor Chavez and demand that Chief Schultz resign.....not long after that, KOB pulled the postings. How long will this last???

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely criminal. Levi Chavez had just purchased $100,000.00 in life insurance for Tera which also included suicide coverage. Shame on you Levi Chavez hope you rot in a prison cell forever.

Anonymous said...

I want to know who authorized 9 Albuquerque Police Officers to crash the Belen P.D's investigation? What authorization they had to act as investigating officers outside of their jurisdiction? What specialized training they had to conduct their so-called investigation? Why did they remove and destroy evidence on the scene?

The US Justice Department should jump into this case with both feet. This is too much, even for the Albuquerque Police.

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