Monday, September 29, 2008

The Circus Returns

Drew Peterson is resurfacing, this time he and he legal marshmallow roaster will appear on the CBS Early Show to discuss an upcomming book by a self-published Canadian businessman to be released later this week.

The front cover of the book has 2 photo's one of Peterson hooked up to a polygraph machine and the other is a family portrait with Stacy, Drew and all four children taken a couple years ago.

Will County is no closer to charging and arresting Drew Peterson on either Stacy Peterson or Kathleen Savio. And as an important side note to this circus lets not forget Lisa Stebic.

In this game of catch me if you can, with the one anniversary of Stacy's vanishing act at the end of October one wonders if James Glascow's Prosecutors have presented enough of a case for a grand jury to even indict Peterson?

Too many questions and not enough answers in domestic violence,vanishing, murder, stalking, and felony cases not only in Illinois but across the Country.

If nothing else this should be a wake-up call to the Department of Justice. This is your front row seat to real life tragedies within our legal system .

Now, let's get busy and fix the problem!


Delilah said...

For these idiots to release this book now is in such poor taste, everything about the book is in poor taste and tacky, especially featuring Stacy and the 4 children on the cover. Drew is using these children as PR pawns and that is just downright criminal.

The timing, of course, couldn't be better, Oct. 1......the start of "Domestic Violence Month"

Bring in the PuppetMasters to orchestrate yet another show of the disgusting piece of shit that will no doubt be portrayed as the victim again.

Anonymous said...

It is time to put the pressure on Glascow!

Bolingbrook said...

There are more cases sitting idle or in one of the storage rooms across the street from the courthouse GlasA$$ office too busy not enough time to teach staff how to do their jobs.

It's really crumbling in Will County. "THe hide the case cart with the file" is a tired excuse.

Anonymous said...

AMW did a segment on both Lisa Stebic and Stacy Peterson over the weekend.

I live in DuPage and work in Will County. Unless you are a political close friend to Jimmy or you are a current "bed warmer" to the man all he desires is the minimum from his Prosecutors. They [Will County] were not prepared when this case broke.

Joliet said...

Stacy and Kathleen do not even come into the picture as far as Peterson is concerned. "He's been set up, he's the victim" OMG we are all seeing this piece of garbage for what he is . I am not happy how the media continues to dance him around on TV. Why can't they interview and keep the Stories of Stacy & Kathleen alive?

Why is this guy arrested yet that's the first priority.

Willow Springs said...

In todays Tribune Peterson was asked who should play him in the movie? His answer Danzel Washington.

The question should be: what will your last meal be before you are sentenced to life in prison!

Resident said...

The State's Attorney in Will County is an elected Babysitter. The promises he made when he ran were nothing more then words.

Lets remember this when he runs to retain his seat.

Atlanta, GA said...

The issue pertaining to domestic violence in the home is at old as the history within our nation.

Drew Peterson's actions are a product of society in allowing to control ones environement. You heard t from the horse's mouth when on the today show Peterson commented on controling his family.

God will be his judge and jury, sadly I believe he will not be bending over to Big Bubba anytime in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I am concerened about the Peterson children and the toll this has taken on them. I can't imagine what its been like for these children who are under the thimb of a man like Peterson.

Mt Pheasant Street said...

Seriously when ever I hear or read anything on this tragedy I say to myself: Step right up folks see the show it'll be around for some time. Peanuts? Cockcorn? Anyone?

My thoughts and prayers are with the children and the families of these women.

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