Friday, August 22, 2008

The Fact Remains: Drew Peterson is the Only Suspect

Drew Peterson's public relations company and legal marshmallow roaster are working over time these days.

The camp fire roasters have pulled yet, another rabbit from their hats. Peterson's group now claims Stacy left the house while Drew was sleeping. Problem with this garbage is the time line does not add up. Stacy spoke to her sister's boyfriend approximately 35 minutes prior to her death. When the neighbor called the house that morning Peterson's son Christopher told the woman Drew and Stacy were fighting and to call back.

In my opinion, Stacy Peterson never left the bedroom that morning, not alive anyway.
The day before Stacy was killed she discussed her situation with a student over drinks paying with cash so Drew would not find out what she was doing.
Stacy Peterson wanted out of an abusive marriage. She was constantly being stalked and followed by Peterson. She didn't use her credit card over drinks the day before because Drew would be angry if he learned she was out. Very common in the world of an abuser and his victim.

The classmate offered advice on how to leave her abusive relationship safely. Stacy Peterson would never leave her children. They were her entire world.

And how does the legal roaster explain the two visits to attorney Harry Smith that very week? The same lawyer that Katheen Savio used in her divorce. Stacy spoke with the lawyer how to leave Drew and take the children with her. Is the legal roaster going to place blame somehow on this laywer? Did he secretly hide Stacy? Now there's a story.

Stacy also was trying to secure a rental property for she and the kids from a relative that very week. She had quickly made numerous plans to get out with her life.

Once again the spin doctor of make believe sprinking words like magical fairy dust, landing on page twelve of the Chicago SunTime's.
"See, see I told you chicken's and abusers do fall from the sky."

6 comments: said...

The information DP's lawyer has is 8 months old. It only came up because of the gun trial. ISP knew about this person and it was not an event. DP was officially given the title of suspect 4 months after ISP had the information. So much for bullshit.

Arrest him already!

Cargo said...

You are right it's useless and not based on facts. Another stunt to get publicity.

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested to see what a criminal psychologist and profiler like Andrew Hodges has to say about his behavior. It's funny how Joran Vandersloot acted the same way. Psychopaths always see them selves as the center of the universe.

Joliet said...

Peterson continues to throw out lies to see what sticks. Why doesn't someone answer to the beatings Kathy Savio rec'd? What reponse does the lawyer have for this? The truth is Drew Peterson beat his wife and placed she & the kids in fear. Court documents show this and yet this man continues to walk artound like a cocky abuser.

Anonymous said...

People are smart and do not believe a word of what the lawyer is talking about. No one appears to be asking the hard questions every time something "new" is said. Why can't Greta site on these people like she has for Caylee Anythony?

Anonymous said...

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