Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Time to Turn the Camera On Drew Peterson"

You have an opportunity to have your voice heard for Stacy Peterson, Kathleen Savio along with others whose voice have been silenced by those professing to love them.

The "Heresay" law is on the Illinois Governor's desk. It is important that the legislation is signed today.

Please go to the link and fill out the form requesting the signing of this legislation.

217-782-0244- (Springfield, IL)

312-814-2121-(Governor's Office inChicago)

You can also help by Sending emails alterts to others site. You can do an email blast.

Time is critical. The Governor must sign this bill today.

The Governor is not just signing this law with a simple ink pen. He is signing using the pen not

with ink, but blood. Blood of all who have been murdered and whose cries for help fell on deaf


Ohio said...

Thanks For the information!

Anonymous said...

You don't have to be in Illinois to make the call, you don't have to be a friend or family member.

You just have to care.
You just have to want to make a difference.

No one listened when these women were alive, please make sure their voices are heard now that they are gone!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Susan! It is so important that this bill gets passed today.

Give these woman a voice!

Please call!

elf said...

Thanks so much Susan!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Susan for all you do for women who deserve to be heard!

God Bless You

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I've heard they are being flooded with calls thanks to this effort!

Delilah said...

It's time to get something done towards an arrest for Drew Peterson. We all know there is plenty of evidence. Maybe this law will put it one step closer!

Keep calling and emailing until the governor picks up the pen and signs the bill into law!

Anonymous said...

Great job ladies, I am seeing your post all over the internet. Keep it up and Keep calling.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Susan!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Susan for everything you do. You make the world a much better place for so many desperate women and children. God Bless.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving these women a voice!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Susan!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Thank you Susan.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your help here!!

We need to make a difference, thats what we are all about...

thanks again!!!

HeDidIt said...

Thank you for your excellent dedication and work for Kathleen and Stacy.

Anonymous said...

It is time for Stacy and Kathleen to have a voice!!

Call and get the Hearsay Bill passed!!

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