Sunday, May 11, 2008

Casualities of Family War

This woman given long of nothing,
but a chance to give of herself,
but still they beat and asked for more.
As always she accepted with a face
that never broke.

In the struggle to find the hidden way to love,
herself, she lost!
But she found a way through kind and good
to give to every other
and only asked to see the start of a smile.

And I who blossomed strong and late have worked
and spoke and prayed so long to make her proud.
now in the memories of her far
but still not absent ways,
I chose to simply ease her thoughts in anytime
of anxious pain
in the moving moments of a gift of rhyme.

And I shall offer her my always love,
although I know and hate and fear,

that my forever words are not enough.

And with new words I offer love so late

but still so dear.

Mama, you on this day shall always keep,

this giving praising moment of each thought

and gift,

though to all other moments when they forgot

when you were only always there.

On this day although a great tragedy,

you are being bestowed the greatest honor

one can obtain.

that is of love, family and friends.

You fought long and hard all of your adult life,

we understand that this is God's way of making

the rest of your days that of peace, joy and

harmony that you never demanded

but rightfully deserved.

She paid the price of victory with her life.

Maybe it was for all those who remain silent and

suffered unheard.

I pray we will better understand our tragic loss

and forgive those who turned away,

rest assured Mama,

we will continue to fight

and you will not be among

the silent but victorious!

-susan murphy-milano
(Pictured Roberta and Philip Murphy)
Murder-Suicide- 1989


Anonymous said...

Susan, I miss "Bobbie" Roberta so much. She would be so proud of you for helping so many other women. Time heals wounds, but it doesn't close them all the way. She is up there from the heavens near a bakery story someplace cheering you on until you are reunited. I think about you often, I live in flordia now.


Chicago said...

I was startled as I read through your blog when I came upon the photo of Bobbie & Phil. Frankly, it has taken me many years to understand why you continued to be involved with these strangers. It was when you helped someone indirectly related to me that I understood and started reading and watching for you in the media.

Susan, you do this because it is your passion and you have a gift for helping these women. I never professed to understand your live and I never judged either Phil or Bobbie. I see now and I am very sorry for not being their for you Kathy & Clay.

Especially you. Wow, you are a beautiful woman who has changed and saved many lives.

I don't know if you will see this, but, I just want you to know I am very proud of you. And both your Mom and Dad wherever they are would say from heaven you have made them proud.

Good does come from evil. I hope you have forgiven your father.

Bless you Susie and may God keep you safe, always.

J.D. Chicago

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