Monday, May 12, 2008

The Crime Within The Crime of Lucely "Lilly" Aramburo

Looking for Lilly won't be easy, chances are she is not alive. But her two -year child and other friends and family are and they would like to find her.

As the one year anniversary of her vanishing approaches, the case has pretty much gone cold. I am hoping the Internet will revive this story and give it the attention it never received since her untimely disappearance.

According to her boyfriend, Lilly was in her pajama's and it was approximately two in the morning when she was last seen alive.

Police did a less than professional job investigating this case. They took a statement from the boyfriend And in my opinion, he should have been considered a suspect or a person or interest. Flyers and information did not hit the police beat until two months after she was reported missing.

No one at that time interviewed the father of the child. And a Web site blog written by someone who did not like (more along the lines of hate) the victim was never brought in for questioning, either.

In addition, police were called to the house numerous times because she vanished for domestic violence incidents. But, because the alleged offender knew someone on the police force a report was never filed.
Two Crimes have been committed. The first is to solve the murder of "Lilly" Aramburo. The second crime occured when police failed to investigate this case at the begining.

She could not have gone far. Lilly did not have much on in the way of clothes or shoes. And she would never just leave her then one year old son.

The family of missing 24 year old, Lucely Aramburo is asking for help.
Lucely "Lilly" Aramburo was reported missing June 2, 2007. She was last seen at her boyfriend's apartment 7680 SW 82 Street Miami, Florida. Her boyfriend, Christen Pacheco, reported that she left his apartment in pajamas at 2am to pick flowers. She left without her purse and without her cell phone. She has not been seen since. Lucely "Lilly" Aramburo is a Hispanic female, with olive complexion, 24 years old. She has long straight dark hair. She is 4'11, hazel eyes, 100 pounds. She has a scar on her left hand. She has a large tattoo of musical notes on her lower back. Anyone with information regarding this case should call Detective Aaron Mancha at (305)418-7200 or

Lucely "Lilly" Aramburo
Missing From: Miami, FloridaDate
Missing: June 2, 2007
Date of Birth: November 16, 1983
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Height: 4'11
Weight: 100 Pounds
Build: Medium
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Long-Straight-Dark Brown
Race: Hispanic
Complexion: Olive
Clothing: pajamas? (Not confirmed)
Large violin curves tattoo onlower back Scar on left hand
CIRCUMSTANCESAccording to her boyfriend, she left his apartment around 2am in pajamas, without apurse, shoes or cell phone. (This information has not been verified)She has not been seen since.
Please join facebook group to raise awareness about Lilly's disappearance!!


Seppy said...

I have been following this case and cannot say thank you enough for bringing it to the public's attention.

Just by looking at the police report alone you can see the cause for suspicion, and not a trace of her since.

Lilly would not leave her son willingly and the police have dropped the ball and let her and her son done by not seeking justice or answers.

Lilly needs to be found. Her son needs to know his mommy did not leave him.

delilah said...

Thank you for the article about Lilly's case. It is sad that after a whole year there has been no media coverage about Lilly and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance at all.

There are so many twists and turns and some of them are not pretty. This woman is a young mother who was trying so hard to get her life in order. She deserves some attention.

Maggie's Rose said...

Susan, bless you for giving this sweet young Mother a voice! For showing her precious little baby boy, Palden that his Mommy really does matter, ever so much!

Lilly's case is rapidly becoming on fire on the internet, people from across the nation are uniting online to passionately aide Lilly's sweet friend, Janet in her relentless and dedicated efforts to find Lucely "Lilly" Aramburo.

For nearly an entire year, Janet has for the most part been ignored and left to search along with Lilly's mother, all too often alone, but thanks to the many caring souls that really are out there yet in our world, they finally are beginning to receive some much needed help.

And with your credible voice, Susan, it is our fervent prayer that more will help this grief stricken family, to find this sweet sorely missed girl!

trintrin said...

Susan thank you so much for talking about this case. It is so full of intrigue and so sad. Justice needs to be done in this case. I really feel this is one that can be solved.

WaynesZoo6 said...

Thank you for FINALLY bringing this case out for everyone to see. This poor Mommy needs to be found. It is the least that can be done for her son!

Anonymous said...

The more things we learn about Lucely Lilly Aramburo and her story, the more heartbreaking her case becomes, the more determined so many of us are to help!

Christen reported Lilly missing, went to the police and had them write up a missing persons report BEFORE ever calling Lilly's Mom to ask if she was there! Lilly and her Mom were close, why if he thought she took off, would he not call her Mother to see if Lilly was there prior to going to the police?!

Thank You for writing about Lilly, for highlighting a missing person desperately in need of our help.

Anonymous said...

This is such a sad story.She is such a beautiful person. How sad! This mother deserves justice. Someone out there knows what happened to her. Thanks for trying to get to the truth

TigressPen said...

I have recently become aware of Lilly's case via a missing forum, and find all the information concerning her disappearance very disturbing. The single fact that (as was reported) Lilly changed into pajamas then took bungee cords with her at 2AM to go pick flowers is an abundant curiosity and at the least suspicious.

I hope media and LE attention is given to this case and Lilly will be found. Her son deserves to know where his mother is, and her family needs closure.

Thank you, Susan, for including Lilly in your Journal.

downstate said...

I have seen this story on other sites!!! Thank you Susan for putting it here. There are people who need to answer for this missing girl. Starting with the cops then some of her so called friends.!!!!!

benchbum said...

Susan what an awesome story. You wonder how in this day and age a young girl can fall through the cracks like this. The police should be working on this full time.

feistygurl said...

This poor young mother. I hope they get whoever did this soon.I hope this story continues to grow. God bless janet what a friend

Susan Murphy Milano said...

It is obvious to me what happened to her. And LE's should have the ability to bring her home so the family provide a proper burial and her son has a place to visit his mother. I also posted this information on the coaltion of crime bloggers here-

Hopefully justice will be served. Thank you each for the support pertaining to Lilly!

deb said...

I too have been following this sad case. Thank you so very much for the attention you are giving Lilly and her family.

It is astoundishing to me the amount of times this happens in our society today and no one hears about it.

Lilly's son and family deserve to know what happened to her.

Anonymous said...

This story deserves attention! I was not aware of it until I read about it on another forum. Perhaps the fact that this occured in Miami, where there is so much violent crime daily, is the reason it is not made it into the media there. But it DOES need to be given more focus -- thank you for helping!

Perri said...

It is obvious to me too, Susan, what happened to Lilly.

What really gets to me is that in this day and age, women go missing without a trace, HOW does this happen?

Just the word from the husband or "boyfriend' that the gals just left. And the Police just shrug it off. ???
can people just vaporize?

We know that these ladies wouldn't just go away without telling anyone. I know my sisters and my friends ...and they know me...THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN!
We are not talking about gals that live on the edge, gals into Crack and High Risk lifestyles.
Oh My God...

POOR Lilly.
she must be found :(

Anonymous said...

Lily deserves to be found. Her family needs to know.

Mouser said...

Thank you so very much for finally giving this beautiful young woman a chance to be seen. With the help of you and the many other media networks available this case can and will be solved.

Lilly has a beautiful child who deserves to know that his mommy loves him and would be with him if she could.

Please keep this case in the spotlight and help people to understand that every missing person deserves to be found, every missing person deserves to have people looking for them. All of them deserve to Rest in Peace.

Thank you!!!!

Peg Austin said...

This is wrong for the police not to investigate this case. Prayers to the family.

I am outraged!

Miami SEO said...

I am from Miami and there are so many sad facts in this case. and I have only heard about it online. But to add insult on to injury the Main Stream Media has done such a poor job of covering it.
I hope Lilly and her child get some more attention. at least that way, her child will grow up having some sort of faith in humanity. How do you explain to a child that his mother couldn't garner enough ratings, or that there wasn't enough resources to help find her?

How is it possible that this can happen and LEO do nothing.
This seems to be pretty damm close to negligence.. from what I have read these Miami Dade "Detective" characters didn't even report her missing into the database for 2 months?? why aren't their review panels looking at this?

Why isn't this in the Miami herald as an expose' on Police negligence?
something needs to be done!!!!

How can we get this on the main stream media?

How can we prevent it from happening again over and over again? It's as if the media in Miami purposely ignore missing person cases. It's as if police don't care and DO THEIR JOB!

I have my thoughts on why shes being ignored, but I rather not get into

Janet said...

I am Janet, a very close friend of Lilly's. I have been involved in this tragic situation since our sweet Lilly's disappearance a year ago. It's been truly heartbreaking to witness not only the pain & suffering that Lilly's mom has been enduring (having to struggle daily with this horrific situation)but even more heartbreaking to witness the detachment and blatant disregard by the police and detective assigned to her case. These public SERVANTS have never been helpful to the family. They have failed to do their jobs. They have been aggressive to ME for asking too many questions. I don't think they are professionals at all. Why did it take them 6 MONTHS to question the boyfriend? I often wonder how Lilly's case would've been handled if she was one of their daughters. And it angers me to KNOW that it would be like night and day. I am sickened by the way they "disseminate" the missing persons flyer. It's sickening that press releases aren't part of their procedure when it involves someone that's gone missing.

Media has been a huge disappointment from the start. Despite constant efforts, not ONE has told her story. Not one has featured her picture. I owe all this attention to the power of the internet. It was/is my only way to get her story heard. Thanks to, I've found my closest allies and friends.

In this nightmare that has been the past year I have been blessed tremendously. Namely, all the beautiful people that have joined together to give Lilly a voice. I'm forever in debt to Holliston, Sara, Delilah, Jamie, Breezy, Joanne, Help Find The and everyone that has devoted so much time into finding Lilly. And lastly, how could I forget the kindness of Susan?

Thank you, thank you so much Susan for your story and for being such a advocate for those without a voice...

Vivian said...

I've never met Lilly, but that doesn't mean she doesn't matter. She is a human being, a daughter, a mother, and a friend. It's not right that she should be treated as unimportant. If it had happened to you would you want to be treated in the same way? We can't allow ourselves to become so desensitized to crime that we just shrug our shoulders and sigh every time. What this world is missing is golden rule #1 "Do unto others as you would want done unto yourselves." We are all important and until we stop acting like some people are not, then nothing will change... it will only get worse. Let's do something!!!

Pinky said...

As a child Lilly was a television darling, appearing on one of the longest running television shows in her area.

As an adult she made mistakes. We all make mistakes.

As a mother she tried to make the right choices. She loved her son very much.

She was growing.
She was learning.
She was a beautiful person.

Lilly did not leave at 2 in the morning in her pajamas with two bungee chords to go pick flowers, and neither of the people known to be in the apartment that night (Kelly, the girl who wrote the vicious myspace blog just shortly before her disappearance about how much she hated Lilly...who had been involved with Christian in the past and was furious at Lilly for trying to get Christian involved in Church, and even more furious that they were going to get married... and Christian the boyfriend who had the domestic calls against him and the deep involvement in drugs and abuse...) can honestly expect that story to fly.

It was obvious by the information they gave the police (That she was suicidal in the past and left with bungee chords at 2am) that they were attempting to make it seem as if she had run off to kill herself.

There's only one problem.

It's been a year.

People who kill themselves normally have trouble hiding the body well enough afterwards that it isn't found for over a year.

Someone out there can help.
Someone can make a difference.
The police need to do their jobs.

It's better late than never.

seansmom said...

I've been following Lilly's story and am outraged that LE hasn't been more involved and that their has been no mainstream media attention. Lilly imo did not leave on her own to go pick flowers at 2 am! Please mainstream media, pick up this story! Help a little boy know that his mommy did not abandon him.

Breezy said...

I am saddened not only for this young ladies family and friends but mostly for her young child. I think it would be most painful to grow up and have to say that you don't know what happened to your mom or dad. Lilly needs to be found, her child, family and friends need that closure.

I have been following this story for about a month now. Sadly it has taken a year to be even heard by the few who are just now learning of it.

Thanks for helping Lilly's family. I can only hope and pray that Lilly's story will be the voice for so many others.

Maggie's Rose said...

Isn't it all just so amazing! It's all a dream come true, seeing Lilly being valued and cared about by so many that want to help. Knowing that Palden will always have these stories about all these 'strangers' that love him and his Mommy...

It's all For Palden...what more reason does there need to be than that...

Okay, sorry...I'm all blubbery to see all this compassion finally coming in, to have even had just a .01% taste of what Janet and Lucely have been going through for way to long, to have had these people you really thought you could count on shake off Lilly's story, so many say that's just the way it is, don't waste your time, there's nothing you can do about it or for her...

But, it's not true, to let Lilly just be forgotten wasn't just the way it is, and Janet, you NEVER gave up!

And now so many across the entire world, will stand with us for Lilly and Palden and so many other beautiful missing souls and prove that "theory" wrong, because it's NOT just the way it is, it's never okay to just be apathetic about injustice...never okay to abandon a child of God.

And NOTHING is ever impossible when we have the faith to believe.

Isaiah 50:2 (NET)
Why does no one respond when I call? Is my hand too weak to deliver you? Do I lack the power to rescue you? Look, with a mere shout I can dry up the sea; I can turn streams into a desert, so the fish rot away and die from lack of water.

Maggie's Rose said...

To learn more about Lucely "Lilly" Aramburo's story and what you can do to really help, both Lilly as well as other desperately in need of a voice missing person cases, please visit the site Janet made for her sweet friend, Lilly...

Kimberly said...

I wish there was more that I could do here. But I'll add this post to my Stumbleupon blog and my personal site as well. The more exposure the better.

witzend said...

I learned about Lilly's story on another forum. I was saddened by the "lack of interest" from law enforcement and the media. At the same time, my heart was warmed by Janet, and how she was taking a small force, like her and Lillys mom, and rallying up troops to become a voice to be heard. Palden will know that his mom is loved. He will know how many people truly care. He will be left a legacy of knowing there are people who truly feel for others. He won't have to grow up thinking that his mom was "passed over". And, thanks to all of the wonderful people now involved with getting Lillys voice heard, maybe, he will become a advocate for others some day. Hopefully, he can one day lead by example.
Wherever Lilly is right now, I know she is embracing each and every one of you.
She will get the justice she and her family deserve.
GOD BLESS all of you.

Anonymous said...

In honor of missing Miami mother, Lilly Aramburo, Justice in Miami will be hosting a community gathering to increase public awareness of missing person cases. Bring the whole family for a worthy cause, candlelight vigil, butterfly release dedication, live music, free safety I.D. kits and balloons for the little ones plus much more. Saturday, June 1st at 6PM, Peacock Park - Coconut Grove in Miami, for more details visit

babycat said...

Thanks so much for bringing attention to this case. I have been following it, and am concernd at the lack of attention the media has shown. It is still fairly early in the case, and keeping "top of mind" awareness will surely help discover leads, trigger memories, generate interest int he case.

The circumstances surrounding this case are very odd, and Lilly deserves to be found.

I think it is great that you are using your voice to help others.

jamie4 lilly said...

I think we all know how this story really went....well most of it. I just want closure for Lilly's mom, and Paldon. Also for all her family and friends. I dont think that Lilly would have left the ones that she loves for this long. I want ppl to know that Lilly is "somebody"......that she really does matter.


Janet said...

Wanted to share this with you all. I've been in touch with a case worker named Tanya from NCMA. I sent her all the info on Lilly's case along with pictures and mailed the registration form awhile back. Recently, I wanted to check on the status since Lilly is still not listed on their website. This is the reply I got from her when following up...

I am still waiting for confirmation on Lilly's case. I first sent the information to Det. Mancha on 4/23/08 and did not receive a response. I resent the information to Det. Mancha and Sgt. Varela on 5/8/08 hoping to get verification from one of them but have yet to hear anything. Because of our funding situation I am working from home on these cases a lot so currently email is the easiest way for them to reach me. I did include my phone number but have not received any messages from them either. I will try again to get confirmation so I can post her.

Tanya Young

Another perfect example of our experience with LE. She's not even listed on the FDLE website. I still don't know for sure if she has a NCIC #, although the detective said she does. He hasn't been forthcoming with it. He sent over a police doc from their database but I have no idea where/what the # is. Every little thing is a huge obstacle with LE. Something as simple as getting her case listed on the Crimestopers website is impossible. I spoke to their media relations people, their crimestopers people (they're in the same office) and begged for their help to get her listed there. Yet although I offered to email the police report and everything I have about the case, or have her mother call them directly, they refuse. Said they can't take my "word" for it. They require the detective assigned to the case to call them and request it! Problem is, Detective Mancha ignores emails and phone calls. (Not just mine, Lilly's mother, media, missing person orgs) They still haven't listed her on crimestopers because of his refusal to make a simple phone call. It's truly a nightmare to have to rely on them to help find our precious Lilly.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Susan, for bringing Lilly's case to the eyes of the public. It's hard to believe that if it is true that she left in pajamas that not one person had noticed her. I do hope the local police talked to everyone possible in the area of where she left.

Faith said...

Thank you for being a voice for Lilly, Susan. Her case needs media attention. This precious mother needs to be found.

We Demand
Justice for Lilly

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing this case to the publics attention. This was a beautiful little boys mother, a daughter, a friend to many,and it is truly a shame that her case has been treated the way that it has. So if we've made some mistakes along the path of life somehow that makes us less important that others? Is that what the miami police would leave us to believe? How sad that law enforcement would give us that indication.
Please keep Lilly and all who miss her in your prayers. Let's do what we can to bring Lilly home to her son and those who love her.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for highlighting this case. It is so sad that a year has gone by and so little has been done to find this young mother and bring answers for her dear son. What a terrible injustice has been done in this case. I hope someone is held accountable for the lack of an investigation and that the wheels of justice pick up some speed now. I'll be following the case and praying for answers.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the police don't consider Lilly worthy of their time. But they don't get to make that choice - their job is to serve everyone. It sounds like Lilly has met with foul play and the police should be eager to find the person responsible before someone else is also injured. Her boyfriend should be investigated, especially the disappearance of his Cadillac SUV. Too coincidental.

Lilly's family deserves answers. It is absolutely horrible that nothing has been done in almost a year to find out what happened to her. For the sake of Lilly's mother, son and friends, I hope someone will come forward with more information.

Anonymous said...

Susan, Thank you again for going on the radio show to talk about Lilly's case. It brought tears to my eyes and gave me chills to finally see something being done on her behalf. With your help, she can be found.

If anyone reading this is a member of stumbleupon, please take a moment to stumble this. Her case needs all the attention it can get!

Anonymous said...

Why did it take them so long to question the boyfriend? The boyfriend who had a history of domestic violence with Lilly that police had been called on?

Why did they not question the girl who hated her with such venom but was there the night she went missing?

Why do both of these people have criminal records and no one looked at them?

Why did the police not register her in databases?

Why will they not answer calls or work with other detectives hired to help find Lilly?

Why did they not investigate the boyfriend's vehicle when it disappeared under mysterious circumstances?

Why did everyone that was there the night Lilly disappared just suddenly stop talking about her? Why didn't any of them ever search for her? Or demand that the police help?

It has been almost a year. Lilly had no money, no cell phone, and barely anyclothing with her. She did NOT leave at 2am with two bungee chords in her pajamas to pick flowers.

There is no papertrail to support the fact that Lilly is still alive, she has not made contact with her son or her mother, both of whom she loved very much. And the police have still done nothing.

Did these people really outsmart the police, or is this a case of LE apathy?

Vivian Lee said...

This is such a sad case. It also points out the horrors of addiction and mental illness. Has there been a coast to coast notification of all homeless shelters? Hospitals? She may have been (or still is) in a medical or mental hospital unable to communicate.
I have had friends and relatives go through such illnesses. It is truly heart rending.

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