Thursday, July 2, 2009

Alice Doesn't Live There Anymore

The murder of Alice Morrin, wife mother and former fox news assignment editor was one of the most viewed tragedies of the day. She died on Sunday evening as she was texting a friend for help.

You could feel the fear as Alice says to the friend she is texting, where her children are in the home while she is attempting to escape upstairs as her husband has both a knife and a shotgun in his possession, shouting in anger his intentions to kill her. Alice’s mind no doubt races to thoughts of her 2 daughters hiding, hoping they are safe in the house. We do not know what Alice was thinking, but we do know she was pleading for her life.

We will never know what a woman counting moments like the ticking of a second hand on a watch about to be killed is thinking. Or the days, hours and years building up to a life of fear resulting in an unimaginable tragedy.

This is not a story but a human being who fought for her life literally with her last breath. This is a tragedy most would rather not read or gloss over and pretend they understand what it is like to live and wear fear like a garment of clothing that is virtually impossible to remove. Or criticize and perhaps points fingers in blame thinking “Alice was smart enough” or Alice should have had the sense to get out sooner” or if only Alice had told someone she might still be alive.” If only, if only, if only-are words that have no meaning to a victim of domestic violence often forced into a powerless life. Alice Morrin was in the middle of a divorce, she could no longer live her life in fear. Many women are not prepared as they end the relationship, often dropping their guard down because they feel a false sense of empowerment or security in knowing freedom is around the corner.

Seeking a divorce is dangerous unless a self defense strategy to remain alive is included prior to seeking the services of an attorney or filing the paperwork yourself to end the relationship.

Alice Morrin will never fix another meal for her daughters. Alice will never help her daughter's with their homework assignments. Alice will not be available in person to celebrate her daughters birthdays.

Alice has a new address, permanent residency in a cemetary.

If you are in an abusive relationship, you need a plan, not a cemetary plot!

Moving out, Moving on will guide you through the necessary steps of ending a relationship safely.

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