Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Private Matter is A Pubic Epidemic

This past week 2 more families were torn apart by bloodshed. One family in Virginia a father and husband fatally shot his wife Bonnie Carter, their 29-year old son William Ronald carter Jr. and another son 22-year old Timothy Carter shot twice but he is expected to survive. Then William Senior set the house on fire before committing suicide. I should also mention the father had called his son home who was attending college. Police say they are investigating a motive as if they need to write something other than intentional homicide in their jacket file before the case is closed. For the son who remains behind, the haunting moments will play in his mind like a needle stuck on a record player, as he walked down the basement steps lured by his father just before he was shot. This nightmare will be more than he can bare as he embarks into a world of his own without family or a place to call home.

On Sunday evening in Connecticut a father and husband James Morrin shot and killed 43-year old Alice Morrin who just happened to be an assignment editor at local FOX affiliate FOX 61 and had recently been promoted to executive assistant to Hartford Courant publisher and FOX 61 general manager. The two children in the home during the shooting were found safe and unharmed.

The children whom grow up in violent households do not know what it means to live their lives free of fear. To dream about their future or the family they will themselves have someday. For these children raised in a war zone it is not part of their reality.

Both Bonnie Carter and Alice Morrin kept the secrets of their war a private family matter. Women, mothers and girlfriends are not trained in life saving strategies nor are the given tools that could very well save their lives. Family violence is not perceived as a crime, until we actually have a crime scene. And then of course police as in each case have to investigate the motives behind killings. Reports and law enforcement speak to neighbors who always make the same statements about “what a quiet couple” or this has never happened in our neighborhood before.”

Now Vice-President Biden has appointed a domestic violence Czar. Perhaps the new Czar will keep an accurate body count. Who knows, we might actually see real dollars going towards those who need it most, the victims!

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