Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Key Witness From The Grave

A key witness in the murder trial of Theresa Parker died this past weekend. But, thank God the Prosecutor was on the ball and there is now a videotaped deposition in this case.

You remember Sam Parker the former Atlanta Police Sergeant accused of killing his estranged wife, Theresa Parker, who disappeared in March 2007. He also faces three other felonies — computer invasion of privacy, obstructing justice and violation of his oath as a law officer.
Mrs. Cordell, a neighbor of Parker's, testified via deposition for Floyd County District Attorney Leigh Patterson in May.

No surprise that Sam Parker’s lawyer, David Dunn, argued that allowing a deposition would violate his client’s constitutional right to face his accusers. He said the prosecution should bring its witnesses to court as everyone else does. And if you recall Theresa'a body has never been found.


Caldwell said...

I hope someone challenges the supreme court verdict as an exception in family violence cases.
Otherwise important evidence will not be allowed after the facts.

Megan said...

Family has no closure in this loss of life.

I pray they will find Theresa and bring her home.

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