Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How To Avoid Being A Victim At Your Own Crime Scene

It is difficult for anyone involved in any type of domestic violence relationship or married to a manipulative, controlling person.

If you do not want to become the victim at your own crime scene then I suggest you listen to today’s show.

WE will also discuss the case of Nikki McPhatters. Tragically, she was shot and her body burned and disposed of in her own car. She returned to the scene of the crime so to speak, by deciding to confront a man whom she met online and dated. We will talk about this and other cases where life choices including confrontation, break-up or pending divorce cost women their lives.

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Today on the Susan Murphy Milano show Guest Anny Jacoby, Owner/President of The Realistic Female Self-Defense Company, is a survivor of domestic violence. She advocates that every female has the absolute right to protect and defend herself. It is important that every female has access to readily available, practical self-defense training. At age we all must be prepared to protect ourselfs against assaults and abductions.

Tracey Mutz, her life still in danger, filed criminal charges against her former boyfriend Sheriff Deputy Allan Wayne Schaeffer who was fired after a news reporter investigated the brutal beating of Tracey Mutz, who filed domestic violence charges against him. The former sheriff was charged with aggravated rape and 2nd degree battery.
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Tonight we'll discuss crimes against children and domestic violence with Robin Sax and Susan Murphy-Milano. Robin is a 15-year Los Angeles County prosecutor specializing in prosecuting sex crimes against children. Susan is an advocate for victims of domestic violence. Both women are co-hosts on the popular BTR show Justice Interrupted.


Chervit said...

Alright you have my attention.
I'll listen

Delilah said...

It's going to be a busy, yet informative, day. I hope anyone who needs help in a relationship will listen. Leaving an abuser is a dangerous situation and must be done with caution.

Resulac said...

Thank you great show and insight with you and the guests.

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