Thursday, March 5, 2009

Receiving Credit For Murder!

In 1987 Richard Wiley murdered his wife. He stood over Ruth Wiley and stabbed her approiximately 23 times. With the murder weapon still in his hands he called police to confess the crime.

Wiley attempted to create an insanity defense , but the judge did not buy it that morning. I do question the judge's sanity in handing down a sentence for which Richard Wiley was allowed back out into the general population to begin a new life. The State's Attorney at the time sought an 80-year prison term.

And what was the Illinois Department of corrections and the parole board thinking when Richard Wiley was released from prison? Did they bother to read Wiley's prison file? The sentence is 30 years, Wiley only serves 13 years in jail for the murder of his 25 year old wife. Someone in charge probably did not have access to a calculator that day.

The morning the judge handed down the sentence, did he perhaps require an interpreter? To translate the evidence in this case. Maybe the judge forgot his hearing aide? Or maybe he forget his glasses and was unable to look at the crime scene photo's? Why not a life sentence without the possibility of parole? Or could it be they were passing out free jelly donuts and coffee in the Cook County judge's chambers? Fact is, there is no adequate answer for ignorance. And that is exactly what happened.

I am confused by the prison system when they reward bad behavior like murder[the crime] with good behavior [time behind bars] for each day of a sentence served. You get a good day when you take the life of another person. The prison system refers to this as a "good day". That means when a person is in prison if they behave in prison and do not get into trouble a "credit" is given in kind for following prison rules and regulations.

Eight and two-thirds years ago he meets and marry's Kathryn Wiley. A single mother of then 9-year old Christopher Motes. kathryn a church secretary likely fell for Wiley's charm while he was on probabtion building church cabinets on the premises.

The church community welcomed Richard Wiley, a dangerous killer not likely to change his ways anytime soon. Then, when all was quiet, Wiley snaps. Not only does he murder his new wife Kathryn, but, in the line of fire 17-year old Christopher Motes is also killed.

It is a tragedy all the way around. A leopard does not change their stripes. Once a killer, always a killer.


Jessie'sMomGlendene said...

This story is absolutely unbelievable on so many levels. However, the fact that bothers me the most is that the pastor, Rev. Sarah Sarchet Butter (yes, a WOMAN), was quoted as saying "our faith community welcomed and loved him" - trust me, a convicted wife killer tries to date anyone I know and there would be resistance from me. Yet they let their beloved Kathy Motes, who "enriched our congregation in every way" date & marry someone with the 'rare disease' "intermittent explosive disorder". Someone with a young son - wow.
Sorry for being so blunt & mad, but...(I just cannot go on!!)
Oh, and by the way, I think that I and pretty well everyone I know has a touch of this disorder...I mean after all, every one gets angry from time-to-time...we just do not kill our wives (or anyone else for that matter).
Thank you for letting me get this off my chest.

Super mom said...

Releasing anyone with a severe violent combat record of murder says the system can no longer protect society. The criminal justice system needs serious revamping.

What happened to an eye for eye? Good post

Anonymous said...

We need to demand truth in sentencing. 13 years for a brutal murder ?

Morton Grove, IL said...

What is it that makes any woman believe they can change a person. He murdered the perason before her I don't really understand these women.

And to subject and sacrifice her own child to this person knowing of a potentially letal outcome is criminal.

Levi said...

Susan this is outrageous, thanks for posting about this case!!!!

No murderer should EVER be allowed to be among civilized society.

I think this judge needs to be throwin in jail!

Anonymous said...

Please don't blame the Department of Corrections or any other state agency for his release, blame those that make the laws.DOC and PRB must follow the law and the sentence when incarcerating offenders. This individual never should have received such a light sentence, the judge knew full well that he would be released when he was, there was nothing the DOC or Prisoner Review Board could do. Convicts in Illinois (except for some that have been in for over 30 years when the laws changed, are not released by a parole board, they serve a specific sentence and by law are given time off the sentence unless the sentence is life, death, or truth in sentencing. Blame the lawmakers for making such easy sentencing laws.

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