Wednesday, March 4, 2009

South Carolina Court Allows Killer A Chance at Freedom

In December of 2001, James R. Garner, was arrested for the murder of his wife. He beat Katherine Garner to death with a pry bar. The killer had motive as his new love interest patiently waited for Garner to leave and divorce his wife. Obviously, this coward did not think the life of Katherine Garner had much value. Then again, violent abusers, never do.

In June of 2003, James Garner plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter and received a 25-year jail sentence. Now, 6- years after pleading guilty, he filed a post conviction relief action with the courts and has been granted a new trial.

Garner, like so many who murder their wives, are being given a big break in the legal system when they plead guilty to a lesser offense.
No one in this country who commits murder should be given a choice by pleading to a lesser crime. Murder means the person is never returning. This should translate to any person who takes the life of a another human being ever been allowed to plea bargain and see the light of day.

On February, 19, 2009, Terry Allen Garner 22, took his own life. He was the couple’s son. And I hold Garner responsible for what he did to his own child. Life for those who remain behind after a family member is murdered is unbearable. Unfortunately, I understand all too well what happens when your father kills your mother. You become paralyzed this grief. And that is exactly what happened with Terry.

Earlier this evening on Justice Interrupted radio we discussed this case. Prosecutor Robin Sax provided an interesting point of view. A person should not be afforded the opportunity to say “sorry, I changed my mind.” Mr. Garner made up his mind , took the deal after he killed his Katherine and the mother of his children. He also killed his son. Garner took away his child’s spirit and soul when he murdered his mother.

Now a judge has granted a return of purchase to a court of law. It’s like a sales slip. The expiration date has long passed and yet the court customer can return to validate by filing a relief action that should not be admissible in court.

The family of Katherine Garner must peacefully protest on the steps of this South Carolina courthouse each day of the trial. Enlist the community, church groups and family members.
You cannot bring Katherine Garner or her son Terry Allen Garner back. There is no return ticket.

And there should be no return to a court of law for a man whom, in my opinion murdered, not once, but twice!


Anonymous said...

How is it you always find being innocent difficult? Jim married before he went to prison. He deserves a new begining.

Sheriff had zero evidence or placing Jim at the park that day .

You have a lot of nerve to blame Terry's death on Jim. He was in prison. And had nothing to do with what happend.

Blame Game gets you in trouble.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the comment about James having nothing to do with his son's death. When James killed Kathy, it was not just Kathy's life that was taken away but it took away the mother of the children in the family.
James may not have personally killed Terry but the fact that he murdered Terry's mother most definitely had an impact on the family of Kathy.
Whatever actions we make in life not only affects the person commiting the crime but it also affects all of the family.
Nobody knows this better then family of a loved one who has been murdered.

Anonymous said...

James Garner has a lot of nerve to try and blame the beating death of his wife on his dead son! Jim's cell phone pings put him in the area. You don't think he would have done this with an audience. Kathy's blood was in his work vehilce. The weapon used to kill her was in his work vehicle. What more do you want? There was enough evidence that he didn't want to take a chance with a jury.
But..He gets to say I change my mind. Kathy never got a chance at all. I hope he has to fry! Oh forgot. Hope he gets the needle. Put him down!

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