Friday, March 6, 2009

Rihanna in the Market For An Unusal Item?

On Thursday, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office changed Chris Brown with 2 felony counts for the brutal beating of Rihanna. I watched the coverage on CNN with Rick Sanchez as he was reading the indictment.

My thoughts immediately went to what Chris Brown would do if found guilty and had to serve time in a state prison. In my expert opinion, Brown has a serious anger problem. He is likely to commit murder and then turn the gun on himself. Cowards like Brown usually take the easy way out. And with so much public pressure on the case it isn't healthy for either person.

Circulating is the rumor: “couple were secretly married

Chris Brown has reportedly proposed to Rihanna and according to sources Rihanna has accepted and the two have gotten married in a secret wedding. In the latest shocking news of the Rihanna and Chris Brown celebrity saga, not only have the two reportedly back together since the alleged domestic assault which occurred pre-night the Grammy’s, but now the two may have already held a secret marriage after they had a reported tearful meeting and Chris Brown proposed.According to Star Magazine, the two had an arranged meeting that became tearful at which point both parties, Rihanna and Chris Brown expressed their devoted loyalty to one another as Rihanna allegedly confessed to Chris Brown, “I can’t live without you,” after Brown first apologized, begged for forgiveness and proposed to Rihanna on the spot.“All she’s ever wanted was to be with him forever,” a source stated to Star Magazine.

Someone from the mental health community Experienced with issues of strong attachment as it relates to battered women should intervene. Rihanna is not to blame. She did nothing wrong. needs But she requires a reality check before she ends up in a body bag. And I don’t believe they have a recording studio broadcast from heaven .

Yes, as someone who works these crimes 24/7 specific to the area of domestic violence perpetrated homicide. The star better think about shopping for a designer body bag. She is going to need it!


Anonymous said...

I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT YOU is a very telling statement.

You know what I never understood, prosecute the batterer anyway.

Committing a crime should not be gotten out of if you can convince or coerce your victim to not testify or drop the OP.

Even prisoners of war (which is what a battered woman is) say and do thing they would not under normal circumstances and later retract or regret.

It takes years to recover from torturous trauma. That's exactly what domestic violence is TORTURE.

Did I hear right he tried to throw her out of a moving car? Choked her, punched her, kicked her?

Battered women are hostages who need to be rescued. We need to step up and save them. Just like we stopped the torture of Jews by Hitler. STOP FEMALE SLAVERY.

Protect female human rights or you are part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

The young woman does not need a man. Her actions dictate otherwise. Showing young women its okay to be beaten and go back to the person and possibly marry them.

If a future news item relates to her life ending the public's reponse will be brutal.

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