Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Woman Brings Children into a Blood Chilling True Crime Horror

Christina Raines

While the weather in Illinois is headed for below zero blood chilling temperatures, seems like my favorite yet to be arrested Drew Peterson has a new bed warmer. The 24-year moved into the Peterson home along with her 2 children.

Where is the father of her children? Does anyone know who the father is? Does this young woman have family?

It's obvious this is not a healthy environment for 2 kids swept into an unheathly environment by a woman who clearly is not playing with the porch light on, living with a man suspected of murder.

NBC Chicago did balance the piece with Stacy Peterson's sister on camera, Cassandra Cales .

The grand jury has resumed in this case and hopefully an arrest is on the horizon.

I guess this also means Peterson is no longer searching on those Internet dating sites we found him on recently.


rockford,Il said...

I will pray for this young woman & her children in hopes God protects her in this life of self destruction and sin.

Delilah said...

So now we have a total of 6 children living in Drew's house. Who is going to be responsible for these children if and when he is arrested?

I hope that someone has taken measures to monitor their welfare, both physically and mentally. 2 of them have lost 2 mothers, that's an awful lot to deal with at any age.

Another chapter in the book of lunacy surrounding this case.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan. Chrissy's last name is actually spelled RAINES.

The father of her children is TONY YAUK and he needs to contact a lawyer to gt his kids out of that house!

Her father is ERNEST RAINES and he's actually done quite a bit to try to get his daughter away from Drew, including sending the BPD to Drew's house multiple times. Read the papers! This whole situation has been covered since before Christmas.

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