Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Legal System Receive's Failing Grade

Benito Casanova the biological father pictured below is sought in the abduction of three children; Oscar Casanova, 6; Karla Casanova, 7; and Fernando Casanova, 11.

Their mother, Sophia Garcia, was found dead in the 1700 block of North Harding Avenue about noon Monday with a plastic bag over her head. (Photo courtesy National Center for Missing & Exploited Children)

Benito Casanova-Wanted For Questioning

Police found Sophia Garcia dead in her apartment with a garbage bage tied over her face. She died from trauma to the head. No suprise, Sophia had an Order of Protection. As do a lot of these murder victims of late. All being slaughtered, for wanting out of their abusive relationships. You can go to court and seek a paper trail, but once you do, the victim must do everything in their power to move away as far as possible. Benito Casanova carefully thought and planned the crime. Including going over to the school on Friday like the "good parent" to pick up the children. He and the kids, no surpise, have not been seen since. Would A GPS tracking device have slowed the efforts of Benito and his plans? Yes. But he would have been a "good coward" until he met the obligations under the court order. Regardless, he would have followed through with his plans sooner or later. A lot of finger pointing will occur in the next couple of days as theDepartment of Human Services and the Children's school play the game of "we never received the call". The school was contacted when the two year order of protection was in place. But the school denies anyone ever contacted them. But, in fact the department of human services a city of Chicago agency made contact because they were providing services to the mother and kids. Must be a language barrier?

Benito also banked on the fact that Sophia had very little resouces to just pick up and go. She should have been directed to agencies such as Mujeres Latinas En Accion an agency in the community, dedicated to providing services to the Latino Community. They would have directed Sophia into a shelter. Assisted with legal services assisting in moving her far enough away, perhaps even out of the State and she would have been alive and I, would have no reason to write such a story.

Services for families in Illinois and across the country are being slashed in half. Agencies whose budgets are in crisis, holding in their palms, literally, thousands of women and children's lives, like placing a band aid on an infected area that never heals. Because the "system has tied" agencies hands.

What must happen is that everyone across the country, including those lovely politicians with whom we vote into office, sit at the table of reality. The mousetrap is broken. Now lets come to the table like grown-ups and fix it!

Link to the story-http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-amber-alert-webapr22,0,2876911.story

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Anonymous said...

Arnie Duncan Supt of the Schools shame on him for not having a plan in place for legal documents in a childs file.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope the kids are okay, found safe.

Anonymous said...

I like your comments on the system it doesn't work & people are being murdered. I follow your blog &read
about all these women. The problem is everyplace not just in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

An amber alert is still going for the children in Chicago the time line on the case seems wrong and Sophia had a court order. people are gonna say what they want and shes not here to tell the facts.

little village

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