Thursday, April 24, 2008

Who is Hiding Benito Casanova & the Kids?

Police say Benito may be driving a silver or gray 2002 Dodge Dakota with Illinois plates: 86196HB.

Benito could have also altered the children's looks. Maybe changing the girl into boys clothes or visa versa so they would not draw attention. Benito has few financial resoucres and could go to a relatives home until things calm down. Maybe they are hiding out in a community where little to no english is spoken. Who knows they still might be in the area. Please consider printing off this information and posting it in your community. Perhaps consider translating this information into Spanish.
An Amber Alert has been in effect since Friday, April 18th. It is difficult to miss three children and one man. They are hiding out someplace.
Maybe they were recently at your local fast food chain like McDonalds, Burger King or Wendy's. Or a friend , relative in your community suddenly has a few house guests. No one is going to get in trouble if they come forward. But, please if you or someone you know is hiding them, you need to contact the authorities, immediately. It is likely, the children were picked up from school and told they were going to visit relatives or take a brief vacation. They also have no idea their mother has been murdered.

According to America's Most Wanted Website- Possible Locations where Benito and the three
children could have gone:

Chicago, IL
Detectives have issued an AMBER alert for the Casanova children. They fear they could have been kidnapped by their father after their mother's murder and they say they could be headed to his native Mexico.


Anonymous said...

If the father went to mexico with the kids is it harder for police to locate them? A man like this ready to snap could have already hurt himself & the kids.

Anonymous said...

the father is with his own people

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