Friday, June 17, 2011

Time Clock in Missing Person Cases


Last week Devin Ivey, 22, disappeared while with her husband from a budget motel in South Carolina on June 9, 2011. Her family immediately contacted law enforcement when they suspected something was wrong.

In many cases, when a person goes missing and they are married or in a relationship, friends and family can be hesitant to alert the authorities. The reason is the person is an adult and if they had little to no contact with the loved one they may wait it out for a few days, or sometimes weeks. In this case thank goodness the family acted immediately. Devin Ivey was a victim of intimate partner abuse that resulted in homicide.

Law enforcement wasted not one second looking for the young woman. The Cue Center for Missing Persons and their tireless volunteers were also called in for the search. The organization, headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina, assists thousands of families each year with support on what to do, how to get the word out for their loved one, and a 24-hour access to volunteers who are there for the families of the missing.

Locating Devin Ivey, in my opinion, was because of trained law enforcement working in cooperation, certified and skilled searchers and dogs trained, and also certified, to recover bones and bodies.

Recovery of Devin Ivey was from the Cue's Center for Missing Persons own "Oscar" a certified live scent dog, and certified volunteer searchers, Bernie Thornton and Connie Braddock.

The CUE Center is now in Valliant, Oklahoma where they will search for Hope Meek over the weekend. In part because one hell of a detective with OSBI continued to work this case. The leads and tips provided is why the CUE Center will be searching for her.

Hope Meek resided on Section Line Road in Valliant, Oklahoma with her husband and their three young children. Her husband told authorities that he saw Meek inside their home during the day on February 21, 2002. She has never been heard from again. She not reported missing for five days.

Time on a clock, especially in cases of intimate partner violence, means everything the moment someone goes missing. The success of finding Devin Ivey was because searchers and trained volunteers were brought in immediately.Most importantly, the case was registered with a missing persons organization.

Each day we hear or see missing persons cases involving wives, girlfriends and mothers, husbands, boyfriends and fathers. The families are frozen with trauma and the fear of not knowing what steps to take; especially as it relates to a spouse or significant other. They are often afraid to rock the boat with that person. A family does not want to believe the person with whom their loved one is in a relationship with could be capable of harm.

If you want to find a missing person, allowing the trail to go cold without trained searchers is, in my opinion, a crime. That is your loved one. Aside from making a missing persons report, if you are a family member, either register with a missing persons agency or request that law enforcement contact an organization immediately so you, as a family member, know what direction and steps you need to take. They will work with you and law enforcement to combine efforts on your behalf.  CUE Center for Missing Persons can be reached online at or by phone for assistance with registering your case.

The CUE Center is the "red cross" to search and recovery and depends on the public for support. The next time you apply for a Visa Card or when your current card is about to expire click the link below and know that each time you use the special Visa charge card it's a charge in searching for the missing:

Monica Caison is the founder of the CUE Center for Missing Persons an organization dedicated to bringing home the missing, and giving resolution to families with a missing loved one. Monica and CUE do this through advocacy and physical ground searches all over the country without cost to the family. 

Monica works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to help over 9000 familes since CUE’s inception in 1994. Even more remarkable, Monica never takes a paycheck!

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javiera said...


The blog, linked below, is involved with investigating David Hartley's murder or disappearance.

The blog is called "Borderline Madness," and this piece (May 27, 2011) is about the results of a PIA/FOIA request to the Zapata County sheriff, Sigi Gonzalez.

The piece includes, among many interesting documents and observations, the full 911 call by Tiffany Hartley and the so-called Good Samaritan.

This complete call was never released by the media and completely contradicts the location(s) Tiffany Hartley claimed, in numerous TV interviews (including the Dr. Phil Show), where David Hartley was "shot by pirates."

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