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New Evidence is Ignored in the Sheena Morris Murder

Botched case of Sheena Morris murder – We want justice


-By Dr. Laurie Roth Thursday, April 21, 2011

On January 1st 2009 Sheena Morris was murdered in her hotel room, yet authorities quickly labeled it a suicide. She was hanging by her neck in the shower by one of her Yorkies’ dog leash. The crime scene was most fascinating as were the circumstances surrounding her ‘sudden’ suicide.

This week I talked with Kelly Osborn, Sheena’s Mom and Sol Vaccaro, her current and loving boyfriend and police cadet. I also had on crime blogger, survivor and regular guest, the fabulous Susan Murphy Milano Together we dug deep and explored what vividly appears to be a bold and horrific crime on many levels.

First, the crime scene

Recognized experts studied the body and crime scene and found the following facts.

The room was in a neat condition, too neat and seemingly arranged. Her suitcase was closed with something neatly folded on top. The bottoms of both her feet had sand on them, yet there was no sand trail into her room or in the shower area. Apparently she just magically appeared in the shower and hung herself with no trail or evidence of sand anywhere around her.

When the police dusted for fingerprints in the room, there were none, not even Sheena’s. According to professional investigators and Sheena’s Mom, there was no ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door and she had her beloved Yorkies with her in a hotel that was not pet friendly.

What do we know about the danger pointed at Sheena

Sheena placed a call to 911 the night before reporting domestic violence by her dangerous boyfriend. She even took pictures of her injuries, a cut on her neck, on her ring finger.

The people in the next room called 911 the night before her murder to report the domestic disturbance and sound of violence next door.

Several months before her murder she was sent a dozen red roses and 1 black rose to her Mom’s house where she was at the time. Kelly said on my show that her daughter burst into tears when she received them. When Kelly asked what the black rose meant, she said simply, “death”.

From what Kelly and Susan revealed on air, Sheena had compiled several boxes of evidence against her dangerous and criminal boyfriend. She worked for him and had been compiling information and evidence against his crimes, the distribution of steroids and other illegal drugs. She had been trying for months to get out of the relationship. All of her support network, Mother, family and new boyfriend Sol knew that he was harassing, threatening and stalking her.

Shortly before her death the keys to her apartment were taken and she was physically attacked. This was no doubt by her dangerous and criminal boyfriend with direct ties to the Genovese family.

What do we know about the criminal, stalker old boyfriend

imageHe had direct ties to the Genovese crime family. He was a criminal, building a drug empire. He had physically attacked, hurt and threatened Sheena Morris many times and knew she was compiling evidence against him.

This deadly boyfriend is still free and roaming the streets in Florida. There has been no investigation going on involving him. This is even with his attacking her the night before in her hotel room, threatening her with the black rose, being linked with a dangerous crime family and stealing her apartment key.

She was talking of her stolen apartment key just shortly before she died. That is where she had compiled all her growing evidence against him. When the police searched her apartment after her ‘suicide’ (murder), there were no boxes of evidence anywhere. Gee, I wonder who took them???

Finally, Sheena’s Mom and Sol, her devoted, new boyfriend reported seeing no signs of any depression, fear and concern for her and her family’s safety, yes. She had made plans to go visit a relative who was having a baby soon. She wanted to be an Aunt. She also was in a warm and positive relationship with Sol and making plans for the future while trying to expose the nightmare old boyfriend.

After Sheena’s murder, the deadly boyfriend was arrested some 6 months later for domestic violence with another woman.

Photo taken of the boyfriend from hell from the TMZ site of the stars, from a mug shot taken of the criminal boyfriend at a police station while being booked in Pinellas County, Florida 6/27/2009 at 12:01: 17 PM for domestic battery – 6 months after the death of Sheena Morris. Gee, what a coincidence????? Could there be a theme of behavior with this guy?

Movement in the right direction

Just two weeks ago the medical examiner’s office changed the death certificate of Sheena Morris from a suicide to now ‘undetermined.’ Crime expert and guest Susan Murphy Milano said that that alone should be enough for the Bradenton Beach police department to officially request Manatee County Sheriff’s office to take over with the new evidence in this case. It is reported that the Bradenton Beach Police and the Mayor are placating Sheena’s family and insulting their intelligence. They are now told to get an attorney if they want to talk with them anymore about their daughter’s case.

Forensic reports say point blank that the crime scene was staged and this points directly to an intimate partner homicide. The evil and criminal boyfriend roams the streets free. Maybe he can audition for American Idol or do a reality TV show on life with the Genovese family.

Someone in the Bradenton Beach police department grow a backbone and brain and investigate this boyfriend. It appears to me like a killer is on the loose. Sheena Morris and her family cry out for justice.

Dr. Laurie Roth

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