Thursday, September 23, 2010

Theresa Parker: Can Finally Go Home

Theresa Parker, a 911 dispatcher with the Walker County Sheriff’s office in Atlanta, vanished without a trace in March of 2007. She was going through a divorce with her estranged husband Sgt. Sam Parker, a Police Officer in Lafayette.

Sam claimed as so many whom commit intimate partner homicide,” he had nothing to do with her disappearance.” And they she “ran away to start a new life.”

In September 2009, a jury found Sam Parker guilty of malice murder after a three week trial, even though Theresa's body had never been found. Judge Jon "Bo" Wood sentenced him to serve the rest of his life in prison.

Today, at news conference officials announced the remains of Theresa Parker were found off Fullerton Road in Lyerly -- southwest of Summerville in rural Chattooga County. Ironically, this is the area Sam knew very well.

In cases of Intimate Homicide when a victim’s suddenly vanishes, often when remains are finally discovered, the killer almost always goes to a place that is familiar specifically to them. In this case it was near Sam Parker’s childhood home, an area he knew better than anyone.

Today, from behind the blue wall Theresa Parker's voice, although silenced is finally going home with her family where she belongs. The discovery of her remains elimates the possibility for Parker to file an appeal (because he can no longer claim there is not a body) and ask the higher courts for a new trial.

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TigressPen said...

Rest in Peace with Angels at your side, Theresa. Your killer will never harm another beautiful soul.

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