Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oklahoma Passes Important Law For Cold Cases

By Sheryl McCollum, Holly Hughes and Susan Murphy Milano

The Governor of Oklahoma this week signed HB 3294 into law.

-HB 3294 by Rep. Sue Tibbs, allows the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to reveal otherwise confidential information in cold cases and unsolved criminal cases or suspicious deaths to outside agencies or individuals who are providing interpreter services, questioned document analysis, laboratory services or other specialized services that are necessary in the assistance of bureau investigations.

This new law is especially important to the recent investigation by the “Intimate Partner Homicide Investigation” team of Sheryl McCollum, Director of the cold case Investigative Research Institute in Atlanta, Holy Hughes, Former Prosecutor turned Defense Attorney, and Violence Expert Susan Murphy Milano regarding the unsolved murders of Sheila Deviney and Chanda Turner in Garvin County, Oklahoma.

Intimate Partner Homicide Investigation and their partner and sponsor actively pursue justice by re-opening cases for families where the victims have been silenced by a husband, boyfriend or former lover.

The State of Oklahoma has operated and carried out their brand of “good old boy” justice harming families for too many years.

Information on cases that you suspect or have yet to be solved as they relate to Intimate Partner crime investigation and homicide, and you would like us to profile the case on the show,which airs every Monday evening at 9:00 PM Eastern time, is welcomed for consideration for a future show by email to us with news articles, copies of police reports and other documentation to the site or directly to us at

Please include your name, your relationship to the person you would like profiled on a future show and a working contact number where we can reach you.

To read the latest on the Chanda Turner and Sheila Deviney murders go to the Time's Up blog.

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