Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Justice For Angel Downs and a "Committment to Convicting the Lady Killer"

While Stephen Nodine enjoys his freedom via house arrest until he is brought to trial for the murder of his former girlfriend Angel Downs, a news station in Mobile Alabama thought enough of this woman's sensless murder in my opinion, by a con artist apple pie politician to feature the campaign on the Internet in their news broadcast. A huge thank you to reporter Lauren Styler. Please help us by going to this link joining in justice and spreading the work on the "Support Justice For Angel Downs "Facebook page.

MOBILE, Alabama - Angel Downs was found dead three months ago outside her home in Gulf Shores, but bloggers and "Facebookers" are determined to keep her memory alive.

A Facebook Fan Page named "Support Justice for Angel Downs" is updated several times a week.

Page administrators claim to have an "unwaivering commitment to convicting her killer."

More then four-hundred fans, pictures of the fourty-five year-old real estate agent, and an extensive description of the crime are included on the site.

The home page also links to other local blogs, which criticize former Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine, who is currently suspected of killing Angel Downs. News

On July 25, 2010 the former County Commissioner Steve Nodine who is by the way on a gps monitoring bracelet stated in an earlier communication that he knows "who I am and his laywers will be in touch." As of today's date Mr. Nodine I have not received anything. Here is my address again in case you misplaced it.

" Mr. Nodine please have any communication sent to Susan Murphy Milano at P.O. Box 14946, Surfside Beach, SC 29587 and of cou...rse my lawyers will respond to your ramblings."

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