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A Police Officer is Asking: Who Killed My Wife?

On June 23, 2001, in Lansing Michigan Bernita Sims was with her daughter at the zoo when a "so called" snipers bullet took her life.

As a 20-year violence expert in intimate partner homicide, specializing in law enforcement predators whose loved ones are murdered, this is the first time where a police officer and husband of the deceased actually authors a book about his wife's murder titled "Who Killed My Wife: The Unsolved Murder of Bernita White." In my opinion Sgt. Detective Artis White, the only person of interest beat this drum of guilty a bit too loudly. Nine years, too long for this cowardly tin badge predator to continue as a free man.

The facts in this case although circumstantial, after 9 years, continue by an abusive angry husband to scream murder. As in the majority of these unsolved cases, a prosecutor has a difficult time bringing this type of case before a jury because they are unable to place the suspect or person of interest at the scene of the crime. Perhaps Artis White hired someone to do the job? Maybe someone out there has information but has been silenced for fear they or a family could be harmed? A lot of what I see in this case is without having access to the files.

Artis White could not be placed at the crime scene where Bernita was shot, or could he have been there but because of all the comotion by the time investigators asked Bernita's husband he or someone else provided a "good enough" alibi? Is Artis White a weapons expert? Is he a skilled marksman? Was Artis White in the military and have investigators gone back to his service records ? Is there a possibility that the murder of Bernita Sims mirrored a case that Artis White worked on? So many questions and yet still not enough answers to make an arrest.

Was Atris White involved in another relationship at the time of her murder? Did the statements Bernita made to family members include her saying "if something happens to me make sure you take care of my children"?

According to articles I read on the Internet and on the site Behind The Blue Wall, Bernita Sims was in an abusive violent relationship. Just one month prior ro her murder, she had told friends and family she had had enough and filed for divorce. She made statements to others that her police officer "husband was going to kill her."

In my opinion, the title of this bozo's book should be" Yea I Killed My Wife: How I Got Away With Murder." Below is a synopsis of the book written by a man whom in my opinion must not get away with murder. If you have any information on this unsolved, case please contact the number at the bottom of the post. Or if you remember something that day, if you were in the park or at the zoo before or after the shooting and you have never spoken about that day, please come forward. Bernita's life should have more meaning than some cowardly act by a man in my opinion, sworn to serve and protect, and ultimately is able to get away with murder.

Who Killed My Wife?

The Unsolved Murder of Bernita White
By Artis L. White
My name is Artis White and I am the author of “Who Killed My Wife?”- The Unsolved Murder of Bernita White. “Who Killed My Wife?” is a true story. It is about my wife, Bernita who was killed with a high powered rifle while walking with our daughter in a crowded zoo in Lansing, Michigan. The murder, which occurred on June 23, 2001, has not been solved, and that is the premise of my book. Bernita’s murder is the most publicized and highly profiled murder case in Lansing, Michigan’s history. Over 9000 investigative man-hours, 500 people interviewed, 20 subpoenas and search warrants and an 11-man murder task force has come to a screeching halt. As a detective sergeant for the Michigan State Police and husband of the victim, naturally, I expect to be investigated for the murder. But, my 14 years as a police officer and 11 years as a husband/father of two young daughters, never prepared me for this situation. This case is unique in the sense that detectives remain baffled as I, the author and police officer, remain on a “Short list of suspects”.
“Who Killed My Wife?” is a combination of personal interviews, surveys, police documents and my own account. The book explains what happens behind the scenes when local and state police departments compete for exclusive jurisdiction over a case. “Who Killed My Wife?” also describes what happens when details are overlooked and mistakes are made during a police murder investigation. The reason I wrote this book is twofold. Firstly as a police officer and husband, I MUST find the truth and report it. I cannot rest until the killer is revealed. Secondly, I feel it is important for the average citizen who is not familiar with police work to understand that when police investigators make mistakes, the impact is universal. The reader can understand my personal trauma is not only local but also global.
Anyone who is interested in true crime will be interested in this book. The book is reported as: “Captivating as told through the eyes of a husband and the heart of a father with the knowledge of a trained investigator.” “Who Killed My Wife?” is a must read book for anyone willing to learn the truth. The truth is there…find it!
“Who Killed My Wife?”
By Detective Sgt. Artis White
ISBN 0-9722480-0-5
Price $12.95 148 Pages
Trade paperback, 6X9, index

You can read more about “Who Killed My Wife?” at
“Who Killed My Wife?” is available at or by contacting:
Artistic Expressions LLC
5115 Deanna Dr.
Lansing, MI 48917
Phone: 800 231-7959

If you have any information that could help police solve this cold case, call Crimestoppers at 483-stop. There's up to a $1,000 dollar reward for any tip that leads to an arrest.

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