Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chicago Sun Times Gives Coward A Platform: Ignoring Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio

To Michael Sneed and the editors of the Chicago Sun Times the war in the home is not a recognized battle, yet intimate partner violence and homicide should be taken seriously. Printing the letter from Drew Peterson was not only irresponsible, but, a blatant disregard for these two silenced women’s lives.

You as responsible recorders of the truth need to fully comprehend the battlefield happened in a home where 4 young children were living, that neither Stacy Peterson or Kathleen Savio were equipped to handle, in my opinion not only an abusive intimate partner, but a man who was legally authorized to wear a badge and carry a gun.

This is not a game. It is a real life battle involving families, children, mothers, and in this particular set of circumstances 2 women who behind closed doors, lived abusive and violent relationships. Has the Chicago Sun-Time’s had a momentary loss of memory in exchange for advertising dollars all for the sake of increased readership? In case you do not remember, Kathleen Savio’s permanent residence is now in a cemetery and Stacy Peterson’s is yet to be officially determined.

For Kathleen her violent life is now marked by a single headstone tablet coldly displaying the name, date of birth through the date she died -March 1, 2004. And now she has been resurrected in memory super glued at the hip with everything associated with Drew Peterson. Wasn’t Kathleen Savio abused enough during her lifetime? Why do you as a newspaper have to bury her defeat further in printing her alleged killers words?

I would like to ask the Chicago Sun Times if this was your wife, daughter, sister, mother, would you have allowed this letter to be published? The answer is no!

Look around folks, you cannot pick up a paper or turn on the news without hearing how another woman was murdered by someone they new intimately. You can't help but read nasty comments on the internet, not from strangers, but, often by friends and relatives who knew both the victim and the abuser, trying to defend the actions of a cold blooded killer, and blaming a victim because she ending the relationship, filed for divorce or took the children. Has anyone ever asked the question, "why?" Or is it easier for a well established newspaper to jump on the bandwagon by ignoring justice, all for the sake of blood money?

"If you are outraged by the Chicago Sun Times and their disregard for the families of Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson by making headlines of Drew Peterson's jailhouse letters, do your part and let them know by calling, emailing or faxing. Nothing will change unless action is taken. The columnist, Micheal Sneed and her editor, should know that by making decisions based on headlines and readership instead of integrity and ethics is one of the reasons the public fuels people like Drew Peterson."

Fax number to the Chicago Sun Times is 312-321-3084

Michael Sneeds direct email address is : msneed@suntimes.com

Andrew Hermann, Managing Editor 312-321-3000

Zach Finken, News Editor 312-321-3000
Part 5 : The Series Continue's on the Times Up Blog, Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Sally said...

One only needs to see the Milgram and Stanford Prison expirements to see how torture and tyranny are no longer resisted, but forced through the brainwashed masses.

Another model is the 'Cycle of Oppression' see Huffer, K Legal Abuse Syndrome pg 157 (year1995). Abuser (or corrupt judicial or political teams) recruit official people to officialize the misinformation. The misinformation gets accepted as evidence (ex. it being in Chicago Sun Times makes it seem official), thereby sanctioning and justifying abuse (even murder)

I ask the Chicago Times and other media to look at history, the above experiments, and prevent repeating it. Resist and publish the facts.

Sally Woods- real name protected.

Anonymous said...

I just can't get over the fact that they give one line to the Savio family about their heartbreak yet devote two pages to this narcissistic sociopathic sorry excuse of a man. It was bad enough that we had to listen to his babbling when he was out. The fact that even while he is in jail we are still subjected to his poor me ranting is sickening!! Sneed/SunTimes should be ashamed of themselves for being so desperate for readership that they would put his rantings as news.

Anonymous said...

I know Peterson will get what he deserves but have you read all three books on the Peterson case? What real evidence does the prosecution or anyone have? Is the mistreatment Peterson alleges happening to others? What has Will County done to insure the Peterson case will not be repeated. Is Will County responsible for Kathy's death by ignoring her desperate letter seeking help? Peterson was Army and an honored Police Sergeant. What is being done to intervene with the next Peterson like military or law enforcement family? This is where the news should be - look at the big picture. Is the Hearsay "Drew" Law going to backfire on the prosecution as well as their delaying and withholding 'evidence'? Will the jury feel insulted having only conjecture and hearsay? What a royal mess!

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