Monday, August 23, 2010

Headline: Stacy Peterson is Missing

When the Chicago Sun-Times printed the letters last week from the incarcerated former Bolingbrook police Sergeant Drew Peterson, the two columns I wrote in response to the blood dripping words was for two women, Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson, each silenced, in my opinion, because of one man’s rage.
Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio are not here to speak for themselves. As a matter of fact, no one protected them while they were alive, not law enforcement, State’s Attorney’s or State Investigators.
The carefully orchestrated letters authored by Inmate Drew Peterson should be reviewed more carefully. This, by the way, is a hell of a lot more than I can say was ever done when Kathleen’s beaten body, in a dry bathtub no less, was ruled “accidental ” by a bunch of blue light special investigators who by all accounts should either be assigned to desk duty or be given mandatory retirement.

In Peterson’s letter he wants us to know "It almost took an act of God to get a second blanket and a thermal shirt,'' he writes, "I haven't figured out yet if I'm being protected from the other inmates or are they being protective from me." As if to warm up his audience, using a 1950’s script from an old George Burns routine, Peterson wants the readers to see his humor. The only person laughing with him is Peterson’s legal marshmallow head roaster, once visited by a swat team himself during a domestic violence incident, his defense attorney.

Never in the letter do you hear about the mother(s) of his children. There is also no mention of a beloved Stacy Peterson whom, after vanishing, he claimed took a bikini, money and ran off with some “guy,” or that perhaps he hopes she will be found soon. It is so obvious in these cases, because a guilty man never thinks outside his own self made world. His words, again, of course, in my opinion, are merely a reflection of a stone cold killer who erased a woman from the planet.
In true Peterson style, as though he were doing a "prison type" of soft shoe dance, which in reality he is, Peterson says to the readers “I find myself with a lot of time these days where I have looked back on my life and many trials and tribulations.” Trials and tribulations" means that you (or the person you refer to) have gone through, and passed out of a negative experience (and usually it infers that you have learned from the experience). Since Peterson is good at writing his “so called feelings” what has he actually gone through, other than play a skilled game of "catch me if you can." Maybe he would consider putting his feelings into a anonymous letter and sending it to the Chicago Sun-Times for another "exclusive" to say where they can find Stacy Peterson's body. Mind you, it would not be a confession, just a way to bring closure for a family waiting for nearly three years to bring Stacy home.
The letters from Drew Peterson are providing important insight to a manipulative, narcissistic, serial sociopathic abuser. You actually see line by line what makes Peterson tick. He tries way-to-hard to make you believe he is a soft and gentle spirit by providing details of his daily life in a "kindness" tone. This false "tone" is frequently used among men who kill their wives or girlfriends. Every abuser paints themselves as wonderful, loving and caring individuals. If you think Drew Peterson is any different, he is not.
The Chicago Sun-Times, in printing Peterson's words, has helped an abuser further his cause.

To Michael Sneed and the editors how about furthering the cause of Stacy Peterson and running a front page story on her case, afterall she is still missing. I will even write it for you, send a request to my email address Giving equal time into who these women were is the right thing to do, wouldn't you agree?

"If you are outraged by the Chicago Sun Time and their disregard for the families of Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson by making headlines of Drew Peterson's jailhouse letters, do your part and let them know by calling, emailing or faxing. Nothing will change unless action is taken. The columnist, Micheal Sneed and her editor, should know that by making decisions based on headlines and readership instead of integrity and ethics is one of the reasons the public fuels people like Drew Peterson."

Fax number to the Chicago Sun Times is 312-321-3084

Michael Sneeds direct email address is :

Andrew Hermann, Managing Editor 312-321-3000

Zach Finken, News Editor 312-321-3000

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Part 5 : The Series Continue's on the Times Up Blog, Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Anonymous said...

Susan, it is an affront to anyone of morals that the Sun Times choose to publish this pathetic diatribe of "poor me" from a known wife abuser and "alleged" murderer. If they were going to abuse their readers with this nonsense, they should have at least given both these families the same amount of space to write about the mothers of his children and their importance in the lives of THEIR children. Drew would like us all to forget about Kathy and Stacy and just feel sorry for him. I hope that everyone who read that article will choose to spend the same amount of time, energy and effort to support the second annual Angels Against Abuse Walk held by Groundworks in Joliet. If as many people who could find time to read or comment on Drew, that article or his life in general would put that same effort towards this walk or promoting it, it would show Drew that both these women mattered and WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN!!! Thank you for all your hard work Susan, you are truly a warrior!!

Anonymous said...

It is truly a shame that anyone is giving this murderer newspaper space. Let him rot while he is waiting through the delays that see him sitting behind bars where he should be. This man is a wife killer, no doubt about that. Ignore him, that will bother him more than anything.

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TigressPen said...

"I haven't figured out yet if I'm being protected from the other inmates or are they being protective from me."

That line, especially the latter part of it speaks volumes as to Peterson's personality to me. Why read rest of the lettters? Unless of course you really want to just lose the food you'd ingested.

Apparently, since he is the 'one and only' suspect and accused of their murders, they certainly weren't protected!

That the Sun Times posted his letters is fine 'If' they'd included Stacy and Kathleen, the horror they experienced, in the articles also. Even in a final paragragh.

I pray justice for them is given with as much venom as the venom used by their 'alleged' killer the day they were murdered. And with the same smirks and disrepect continually displayed for the cameras and in the letters!

Anonymous said...

Stacy mattered! More than all the lies told by her husband since she's been last seen. She mattered then, she matters now.

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