Friday, July 2, 2010

Waving Goodbye to Denise Pauly

It is a small town where people wave and say hello because they know you by sight and name. On Saturday in Burlington Kentucky, Denise Pauly, 40 would no longer be around to wave at her neighbors. She was not going to pick up her children at her mother’s home after work.

Early on Saturday morning when Denise did not arrive at her place of employment her employer and co-workers panicked. Something was wrong.

The store where she worked contacted the sheriff’s office because Denise’s estranged husband was violent and had been stalking and threatening her life. The call immediately set off a search in this small community. And like so many small town communities across the country they are not trained to properly handle dangerous violent crimes. Many of the small town police departments receive no more than 5 hours of training during their entire career as police offices in the area of preventing intimate partner homicide.

Denise was taken hostage by her husband early that morning where he held her against her will for several hours in the woods. According to a call I received within 24 hours of the incident, police failed to get out of their police cruisers and help Denise Pauly. The witness said they saw officers who just sat in their cars and did nothing to save her. Early Saturday afternoon a shot rang out and Denise was killed instantly. Seconds later another shot went off inside the woods. Dean Pauly was found with a gunshot wound to the head he died the following day.

The children ages 5, 9 and 14 now orphans will not be celebrating the fourth of July holiday with their mother eating hot dogs and potato salad. They will not walk in the town parade carrying flags and dancing to the beat of the marching bands. Instead the children will be attending their mothers wake and funeral.

For the remainder of these children’s lives the 4th of July holiday will arrive like an unwelcomed guest. And maybe when they are old enough to undstand what happened that afternoon someone can explain to the children why the police sat on their respective behinds and did nothing to save their mother.


Ronni said...

Why did they not help? Did they think she wanted to be there? Or that he would just let her go? Something is very wrong when police just watch while someone is killed! I am chewing nails and spitting rust, here!

Sharon daVanport said...
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Sharon daVanport said...

Thank you for posting this Susan. The victim Denise worked for my father for the past 7 years, and she was a good friend of my brother and sister-in-law.

This has been devastating to the community. Denise was President of the Women's Auxiliary, and she had been working hard to move on with her life after divorcing Dean. Denise was asked why she would not file a protection order against Dean for many of his behaviors, and her response was always that she did not want to provoke Dean.

Denise did what so many of us have done in an attempt to stay safe, and that is to tip toe around the abuser, attempting to keep them from escalating, because we know what they are capable of doing to us! So many frown at us and minimize our fears, but we know!

When Dean kidnapped Denise, he redressed her in camouflage. Then he held her hostage in a wooded area not far from her home. Dean had this murder planned. The day before Dean kidnapped and murdered Denise, my father had to tell him to leave his store as Dean had shown up to harass Denise while she was at work.

Denise is Dead now. This cannot be undone. Law enforcement, judges, and lawyers need to understand just how dangerous these psychopaths are, and that they will murder!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

you r all wrong my father was not a psychopath. My dad did not plan this murder cause i was with him all day the 25th and the only reason she didnt do anything about my dad was because she loved me my sister and my brother dearly. she wanted us to have our dad had full custidy of me i was with him everyday he never said once anything bad about my mother. and have no idea how much pain u r putting my family trew with all the LIES

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