Thursday, July 1, 2010

Drew Peterson Case: "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"

Drew Peterson’s trial is set for July 8, 2010, in Will County, Illinois. The focus, from the moment Stacy Peterson went missing on October 29, 2007, during this virtual circus has gone from good, when we all breathed a sigh of relief that Kathleen’s cause of death was changed from accidental death to a homicide, to the bad, while watching Peterson and his head legal marshmallow roaster become celebrities because of a serious crime until the grand jury indicted him for Kathleen's murder (they were on the “My Wife Up and Left Me Tour”), to now the ugly, knowing full well that not just one woman, but two women, were allegedly murdered because of one man’s rage.

While everyone is busy scrambling and forming their opinions on this case, the question should be asked, and an answer provided, as to what new procedures are now in place for victims of intimate partner violence and homicide since the day Kathleen Savio’s body was unearthed, because of the brotherhood of the badge.

For instance: What procedures and protocol are now in place when a victim calls the Bolingbrook Police Department for help?

What is in place specifically for victims currently married to police officers in Bolingbrook and all of Will County?

What specific changes are in place so another domestic violence or stalking victim whose cries for help do not fall on deaf ears?

What new investigation rules are being implemented by the State Police when a victim is found murdered or goes missing?

Can anyone answer?

No, they can not, because nothing has changed. Whether we roll back the clock to March 1, 2004 (when Kathleen’s body was discovered in a dry bathtub), or we move the hands on the clock forward to July, 1, 2010, we are still left with important unanswered questions.

As I write this, there are women at this very moment in Will County who cannot obtain the proper assistance from authorities under the law, because no one is paying attention. Our legal system is continuing on a daily basis to fail the victims, no different than they failed Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson.

And what good is a law that is not being enforced?

I would go and ask Kathleen Savio or Stacy Peterson if I could, but you see I cannot.

They too, have been silenced!

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your comment of WILL COUNTY!! I've experienced, and still am with the legal system failing dramatically!! Try having your socialpathic ex getting away with trying to kill you with carbon-monoxide!! I had to suffer 1year to get major surgery because he didn't put me on his insurance. I was in a car accident and that's how I found out. He left me 4 days before x-mas, and tried to kill me. I couldn't pass my pre-op testing, just to figure out the tube that was balancing on the waterheater going to the chimney might need to be reconnected! I passed a few days later after attaching it. I took a picture of it because I'm used to my ex messing with me. I just thought it was strange. It was too late when I was told from a friend what that picture was all about. Just an example of WILL COUNTIES neglect, "They said it was too late!!" My ex had my identity changed with another woman here in WILL COUNTY with the same NAME!! Who can straighten this out? I need advice. I was falsefully arrested because of the other person whom I just found out about with a rap sheet pages long. I was thrown in the back of a van, flew in the air, and was knocked out upside down. The police wouldn't even let me get dressed! Being upside down from the negligence of the driver, but I had no underwear on underneath my big shirt!! I was afraid they were going to rap me, and then kill me. Waking up in that position with my world showing was the most horrible experience I had gone through with men, other than what my ex has done. The woman whom had the rap sheet is 70yrs old now. The kicker is almost all of the charges where when I wasn't even born yet!! Only two when I was 5yrs old, and 7. Currently I'm in so much pain trying to get surgery for the injuries that occurred. I'm scared, alone, and with neglect legal representation during my divorce presently my ex is getting away with trying to kill me!! Just an example of his threats, "I wish you died of your blood clots. I want you dead. I'm gonna KILL YOU!!" Having my home broken into, records stollen, and my dog getting burned with a cigarette for protecting her home while I was out, makes me feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. I have a horrible feeling, "I may be next!!" "I'm so grateful to our Lord, I'm still alive!!"

Thanks for all you do Susan!!

Always, Judy

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