Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Mommy's Little Girl"

The Caylee Anthony Case still gives me chills each time I hear a new development on CNN or Nancy Grace . It makes me wonder how the world we live in has become so cruel and heartless that a mother would murder their own child?

When Author Diane Fanning told me she agreed to write a book about the Anthony case I thought to myself why write a book when you can watch the news coverage? But I was wrong.

After receiving an advance copy from the publisher and with spare time on my hands I was pleasantly surprised by St. Martin's Press of "Mommy's Little Girl." Fanning writes with heart, soul and truth, about a little girl that has not only grabbed national headlines, but our hearts, leaving us all asking: how could anyone, especially a mother, murder their own child?

The book will not disappoint crime sleuths, offering readers a unique and in depth road map for anyone who has been following this case. In the end Fanning's new book left me with a sense of hope that justice will be served in the tragic death of Caylee Anthony.

If you are interested in reading material before picking up the book visit Diane Fannings post, Is Malignant Narcissism the Answer? at Women in Crime Ink -- or she has kindly provided the first chapter of the book on on her website.

And there is a video clip of Fanning's interview with 48 Hours.

"MOMMY'S LITTLE GIRL" is now available in bookstores and at

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