Monday, November 2, 2009

Behind Bars the Drama Of Drew Peterson Continues...

In January 2010 a Will County judge has scheduled a mini-trial pertaining to the murder of Kathleen Savio the third wife of Drew Peterson.
Illinois "Hearsay Law" will apparently be tested at the mini-trial allowing those with whom Stacy Peterson allegedly spoke with about how Kathleen was killed before she mysteriously vanished back in October of 2007. According to the tribune "Before hearsay comments can be admitted, Will County Judge Steven White will rule on whether the preponderance of evidence shows that Peterson killed ex-wife Kathleen Savio in 2004 and whether the hearsay statements are reliable."

It should be interesting as Will County prosecutors present facts during the trial while Peterson's defense team of chicken, hot sauce and thighs mixes an enlightening concoction of documents in an attempt to exclude hearsay testimony when the murder trail for Kathleen Savio begins. Peterson, has claimed since the begining that Stacy Peterson decided to ran away with some mystery man who no doubt lives in a third world country.

And now direct from Drew Peterson's "prison entertainment incorporated" his defense team is attempting to claim the recent case of Jaycee Duggard, the girl who was kept as a sex slave by the Garrido couple "supports that claim" according to Peterson's defense attorney after last week's court hearing. So now Peterson's team is claiming what exactly? In my opinion that is just plain sick! Using a child's case whom was kidnapped, raped and held captive for years in the same sentence with Peterson is about as low as one can go!


Anonymous said...

I do not understand if the law is already in place why the need to argue points in the law thhat already exist.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised. Garrido and Drew have much in common. They both held young girls against their will, tortured and raped them. Drew just added murder, who know Garrido may have also.

I'm sure Peterson is jealous of all the attention Garrido has taken from him.

His atty is just as bad as Peterson is. They don't have a leg to stand on. The law has been in effect for a long time.

Peterson is just making more of a media grab.

He's scum and so is his atty.

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