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Drew Peterson "Morning Roll Call"

The post below is a re-post from December 1, 2007. Please remember Stacy Peterson has not been found. Please keep the family in your prayers as they face another empty place at the holiday table this upcoming holiday season.

MSNBC did a story on cops protecting their own as it relates to the Drew Peterson case. The question also was posted on private police officer message board sites across the country. Here's what Officers in other states posted on these "Officer Only" discussions as it relates to this case: Question was--WORLD MEDIA ASKING: DID FELLOW COPS 'PROTECT' DREW PETERSON?:

Officer Comment: think 18 calls in two years, someone should have seen a pattern. As a patrol deputy I would have. No such thing as professional courtesy when it comes to assaulting a women.
Officer Comment:Needs to be an internal investigation starting at first line supervisors up the chain. I don't know about Peterson's state but this state is a "Shall Arrest" state when it comes to domestic violence. This is why we had to modify our professional courtesy from the old way of the blue wall of silence.
Officer Comment: Just like N a DUI/DWI situation...professional courtesy isn't doable when there's proof that the officer (brother or sister) is the violator. At the very lesat, the officer's boss is gonna get notified of the situation, but 2B truthful, it would not b fun, but I'd simply make the arrest and take the crap that is sure to follow. If somone above me chooses 2 unarrest the violator, that's something I can't control. But at least I did the job my correctly and conscious will be clear.
Officer Comment: I agree. Michigan is a shall arrest state. Even if it wasn't I would arrest because you do not assault a female.
Officer Comment: there needs to be an internal investigation for sure, but not by anyone on that PD. If they covered up for this guy over and over, they will cover their own asses too.. Need to be the State Police or FBI involved in this case. This woman could still be alove if the officer did their job..and SHE was the only one arrested...and aquitted....HUH..

Officer Comment:Shades of Tracy Thurman in Torrington Conneticut. Stinks

Officer Comment: Makes agency smell real bad REAL BAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Officer Comment: What a shocker...this thing smelled like an a-hole being enabled by fellow cops from the beginning. And where were his bosses? In my dept. you would never stayed employed that long, 18 DV calls? Give me a break.
Officer Comment: Sadly, Peterson is a blemish to all of us. 99.9% of cops are just good people trying to do a difficult job. Thank goodness what's news today is history tomorrow.
Officer Comment: I thought of Peterson as a "rogue cop."
One bad apple doesn't spoil the whole Department, but EIGHTEEN CALLS?! Were his coworkers afraid of his temper, too? He killed wives, what makes them think they'd be safe? Was Peterson a tyrant at work, too?

Officer Comment: lots of officer related crimes of late-sooner or later one case would change and pierce the blue wall-too bad it will put all cops under the radar now.

Officer Comment: At least I haven't seen some idiot saying professional courtesy extends to 18 DV CALLS IN TWO YEARS!!!!!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE AND REALIZE WE ARE HELP TO A HIGHER STANDARD AND SHOULD BE! They really dropped the ball. BTW how does someone drown in a bathtub without the water (i.e. his third wife) WHERE ARE THE RED FLAGS!!!??? 18 CALLS IN 2 YEARS!!!??? Is anyone else as astounded by me that this KILLER was out for this long and being protected?
Officer Comment:
All of you are correct of course. I would be verysurprised to find any other officer on his agency wasinvolved in actually abetting peterson. The problemhere is that "blue wall of silence", that "sense of entitlement" a very few have and the reluctance, evenrefusal of some to breach that wall, however egregiousthe conduct/offense. This is evidenced by the vituperativedirected toward those on LOD that dare condemn conductunbecoming an officer, even corruption. Those few officersignore the REAL issue and resort to mis-characterizationof statements ACTUALLY made and outright lies. I realizethere is a HUGE difference between UNBECOMING CONDUCT andILLEGAL AND CORRUPT CONDUCT. Neither of those are whatmost of LEO would call "mistakes everyone make". Thoseare things that require a conscious thought, decision.I never cited a LEO for minor traffic violations, I neverreported a LEO for not wearing a hat or inconsequentialthings such as that. I believe for the most part thoseposting such BS realize that, it's simply a matter of"if the facts aren't on your side, attack the messenger"!LEO are supposed to be ADULTS ! Act like adults, thinklike adults and accept the responsibilities of an adult!I think the days of unconditional "Professional Courtesy"and unconditional "silence" is long past and well it shouldbe. If you are in my city (even though I'm retired) andshould need money, a ride, a place to stay overnight, orother things of that nature I will help. Always have, always will. But, if you were drunk on your butt and I found you driving or you commit some other serious crime(not necessarily a felony) then no "special" help from me.

Cop Comment: But sarge, they were only extending a little professional courtesy each time they were there. No need to jam a brother up, you might need him for back up sometime.

Officer Comment: anyone who let him slide needs an ass kicking on a mid-evil level for sure.

Here's the News Story from 12/ 1/2007 :
Police Accused of Protecting Their Own
MSNBC-BOLINGBROOK, Ill. — Eighteen times in two years, Bolingbrook police were called to fellow officer Drew Peterson's home because of trouble between husband and wife. But Peterson's wife could never get authorities to arrest him. In fact, she was the only one ever charged.

Now residents of this Chicago suburb are wondering whether police were protecting one of their own — and whether they bear some responsibility for what happened next.
Peterson's wife at the time of the domestic disturbance calls, Kathleen Savio, was found dead in 2004 under mysterious circumstances. And now his current wife, Stacy, is missing and feared slain.

The way police dealt with Peterson "makes it kind of hard to trust cops," said Pablo Delira, a 59-year-old construction worker. He said he has no doubt he would have been led away in handcuffs if police had been called to his house 18 times.

Kim Camplin, who works in the clothing business, said Bolingbrook police should have taken the domestic disturbance calls more seriously.

"It doesn't matter if it's a fireman, a policeman or a clergyman — all it should take is one call and it should be taken seriously," she said. "What faith can we have in the system?"
Peterson, 53, was a police sergeant and 29-year veteran of the force, resigning earlier this month after he came under suspicion in his current wife's disappearance in October.

In a roughly two-year period beginning in 2002, police responded to 18 domestic disturbance calls at Peterson's house. Savio accused Peterson of beating her and threatening to kill her, but no charges were ever brought against him. Instead, Peterson twice persuaded prosecutors to charge Savio with domestic battery. She was acquitted both times.

Police Lt. Ken Teppel said that in all 18 instances, police conducted a thorough investigation. He said a department inquiry found no indication officers did anything wrong or violated procedure.
But Teppel acknowledged the case has damaged the department's reputation.
"There is a distrust ... that this is going to be covered up," he said. "It's so hard to get over that."
Savio was found dead in her bathtub in 2004, and a coroner's jury ruled it an accidental drowning. But since Stacy Peterson's disappearance, investigators have re-examined Savio's death and exhumed her body, and said they now believe it was a homicide made to look like an accident.

Peterson has not been named a suspect in Savio's death. But authorities said he is suspected in Stacy Peterson's disappearance. Peterson has denied any wrongdoing in either case and said he believes his current wife left him for another man and is still alive.
The Bolingbrook department has handed the investigation over to the Illinois State Police — standard practice in criminal cases involving a member of the force.
Not everyone in the community of about 70,000 blames the department.
"I haven't lost one iota of trust in the police department," said Stephen DeFreeuw, a 16-year resident. "One rogue cop."

Teppel said street cops in the 122-member department are being reminded about the proper way to handle domestic calls and are being told they are expected to adhere to the rules, no matter who answers when they knock on the door. Teppel said Police Chief Ray McGrury has made it clear: "There are no favorites." Savio and Stacy Peterson were Peterson's third and fourth wives. He and wives No. 1 and 2 divorced.

Vicki Connolly, Peterson's second wife, has said that during their marriage, an increasingly controlling Peterson hit her and told her he could kill her and make it look like an accident.
Connolly said police sometimes came to the house when the couple were having problems, but she said the officers were friends of theirs and no reports ever were filed.

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